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The new JQH Arena at Missouri State University

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The JQH Arena


The price for the new JQH Arena has already gone up, before the first shovel of dirt has been turned. But John Q. Hammons, after whom the building is named, will pay for most of the cost overrun.

Missouri State University officials Tuesday unveiled plans for the arena to be built on the parking lot east of Hammons Student Center. It is expected to be ready for the 2008-09 basketball season.

But instead of costing $60 million to build, it will cost $67 million.

"We had to blend our dreams with our budget to get to the reality of what we can afford," said MSU President Mike Nietzel.

Nietzel said when more changes were considered to bring the cost down to the original $60 million price tag, he contacted Hammons.

"He said don't compromise the quality of the arena," Nietzel said. So, Hammons agreed to give another $5 million on top of his original $25 million donation. The other $2 million will be raised from revenue generated from arena activities and from additional private gifts.


Along with the 11,000 seats there will be 22-16 seat luxury suites and a private club and 1,300 student bleacher seats which will bring the total capacity to over 12,600. The arena is also being designed to expand to over 14,000 total capacity.


While the seating has dropped, it will be enough for the school to qualify as host of a women's NCAA post-season tournament site, one of Hammons' wishes.

Abrahamson-Henderson said designated student seating should help with already-strong fan support. Though the Lady Bears consistently rank among the national leaders in attendance --No. 13 in the 2005-06 season.

Missouri State plans to cover the remaining costs through additional donations and $50 million in bonds.

The Hammons Student Center, home for Missouri state indoor athletics for 30 years, will be renovated and used as a practice facility.

The new JQH Arena will be build on the parking lot east of the student center.

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I don't know if I mentioned this already, but I like that glass in the entrance. Very Urban.

I really like it too. I don't think I've mentioned it but the new arena will be accessable to the old arena through 2 walkway on either side of the arena. This is really great because the Hammons Student Center is will be turned into a practice facility once the new is complete.

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I think the building, once completed, will look better than the rendering. Don't get me wrong the render is nice and all but I think that they should have done a day scene like to first one to really see what it will look like.

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^ Thanks for those new renderings!!!! After visiting most of the arena's in the four state area, it looks like this will be one of the nicest if not the nicest arena in the four state area. Its not as big but it sure beats most designs and setup compared to the other arena's.

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No doubt that this will be a nice arena, and the outside looks like it will be much nicer than Bud Walton, or any basketball arena in the 4 state area. I just think that Bud Walton's inside layout is superb. South Carolina made an exact replica of it for their basketball stadium.

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