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Governor of Florida Poll

2006 Election  

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  1. 1. Who are you voting for in the upcoming Election?

    • Charlie Crist and Jeff Kottkamp
    • Jim Davis and Daryl Jones

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Go Gators    0

For the General Election. Keep comments clean and civil. And if you dont mind, when you comment, put where your from in the state so I can get an idea of regional patterns. Thanks a lot!

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poonther    0

I like that you put this as a statewide poll GG.

I voted for the Davis/Jones ticket. I'm not for Crist/Kottencamp b/c I'm skeptical of a man who has lived in FL since he was 6 weeks old and never owned property or paid skyrocketing homeowners insurance. If that doesn't matter to you fine, but to me it does. I'm also not a fan of Kottcamp (one b/c he has a porn star stache :D ) but mainly b/c he was for the politicians getting involved in the Terry Schiavo case, something I was very much against.

I like Davis b/c he owns property in FL, his family roots go deep in FL and his kids are in public schools which to me signals he believes in the system and will fight to better it. I like Jones b/c I'm an ex-South Floridian and I liked him very much when I lived down there. He's been in the military and this ticket seems to support ALL Floridians no matter of race, color, income etc.

I'm up in Tally.

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FLAplaya    0

Coming from the most republican stronghold of the state.....DAVIS/JONES is getting my vote as well as a good chunk of my neighbors....the republicans have really messed up this time around. I'm voting Dem.

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