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PROPOSED: College Square

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I knew it would be very soon when we started seeing new towers in New Haven. I would bet this is just the begining. That does look pretty good.

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I'm in a tug of war. On one side I'm seething from jealousy on the other I'm excited to see how this and the other development turn out in NH, I can't wait to visit.

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College square came out with a new rendering recently. this is apparently the final design. I like it more than the first as it is more fitting with NH.

this thumbnail is from the developers web site.



at this point the plan is calling for 272 Luxury apartments, over 50,000 SQFT first and 2nd floor retail, 430+ parking space garage.

and will include a roof deck, private theater, fitness center and 24 hour concierge.

groundbreaking planned for this fall.

the building on the left is a luxury hotel with 240 units.

it is now a two phase project with the hotel starting first. who know what will be built, but it appears as though this project is still a go and is still mixed use and is still fairly large in scale.

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This is more like it. My only complaint is that they could do some facade work with the connecting piece. Variety could be added to the streetscape by making it look like a different building, thus making the block look like a collection of three developments instead of one.

That being said, it's thin and the shape culminates well; the taller portion even seems to reference the Harkness Tower.


Dodged a bullet with this one. Shartenberg got worse, this one got better. I suppose it roughly equals out.

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as of today this project is on hold for 6 months



IMGlandino_6447.JPGMelissa Bailey File PhotoThe would-be builder of a $100 million 225-room downtown luxury hotel has delayed the project for at least six months after the terms of his financing changed.

Developer Robert Landino (pictured) broke the news about the delay to Mayor John DeStefano in a City Hall meeting Wednesday.

It was the latest market-driven setback to an ambitious plan to remake the block of George and College streets directly across from the new Co-op High School. The project was originally planned as a 19-story condo tower until the housing market bottomed out. It evolved into a seven- or eight-story hotel with ground floor retail. Then the capital markets tanked.

It is a damn shame since it was a decent design at one point, and they eviced a ton of tenants to build this. now it sits for another 6 months.

we often forget how painful development can be sometimes

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