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New tallest building in Missouri?


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A 40 floor building was proposed by Copaken, White & Blitt a while back, it never got off the ground since it's primary tenants moved to other parts of Kansas City.

However, I have talke with Jon Copaken and here are some of my questions and his answers.

This project IMO has basically been guaranteed, but not for the very near future (won't be built in 2-3 years)

Q: Will Copaken, White & Blitt remove this project if no tenant arises for

2 more years?

A: We would not pull it in 2 years but rather keep the project on the shelf

until the time is right.

Q: Do you believe that with the newest development downtown with H&R


IRS, Federal Reserve and the newest housing units, that this project


more of a chance of happening?

A: H&R and other good developments will have a positive effect on that


Q: Are you able to tell me how many floors this project will have and if


will ever be scaled down or expanded?

A: Still no definite plans for that building. There probably will

not be plans until we procure a tenant who wants to be there - that is

part of what we are working on.

You all know how tall 40 floors can be, I have estimated this tower can range from being 525ft to the size of Missouri's tallest building, One Kansas City Place (632ft)

Here is a rendering:


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I hope they build it, but I am sorry -- that design MUST be changed! Don't you think?? It looks too early 90's to me. Architectural styles have moved on from that look (like you see in KC's modern Walnut St. building). It is still a nice look, but I hope to see something more striking and up-to-date than that...

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