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I-485 Construction Photos

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Construction Photos of Charlotte's oUTER beltZ Highway.

Photo showing 25 years of progress


Inspectors at work.


Supplies and people headed to the work


This caused 3 month delay.


More delays, note everyone leaves while accident is investigated.


Boss man looking for missing workers


Apparently subcontractors were not paid. This photo shows them headed back to work site again.


This marker reminds the workers the number of years left to finish I-485. Important to stick to the NCDOT schedule.


On this day, these guys were scheduled to paint the lane markers. Unfortunately the line painting division doesn't coordinate with the road paving division. They are hoping to fix this in the future.


More materials going to the road paving. Problem is, they can't find where it is.


Opps. NCDOT Supervisor comes down to Charlotte from the headquarters in Albemaro and tells the crew they have built the road 2 miles too far south. This results in a 5 year schedule slip and a couple of hundred mill. down the drain. Oh well they will take it away from I-77.


Finally! A New Section of I-485 is opened. :yahoo: Despite complaints, the NCDOT says its the best road money can buy.


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