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Second Story Properties change up


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Totally off topic but the quote you have on your site is a good one . . .there was a long ad today on WGRD (first time I heard it anyway) w/ a bunch of hype about how great CITGO is and all they do for communities . . . .no mention of the good ol' USA lining Chavez's pockets w/ money.

I personally have relatvies who fled Venezuela b/c of Chavez . . .

How many other gas stations are owned by dictators ? Scary thought and scary how complacent Americans are.

I am surprised about it. I wonder why he is leaving.

You learn from the best and then you go off and compete with them . . . .not a surprise . . .

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Some of you may have known this was coming, but interesting news anyway:

Second Story partner starts new story

This is pretty funny. Second Story is not breaking up, ONE person is leaving.

John is good, for sure, but somehow I think Sam and the other 14 (?) SSP people MAY even be able to survive without him !!

Best of luck to you John - I know you'll do great.

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This is one of the great things about this City. Different developers have different ideas of what is needed resulting in a diversity of options for businesses, residents, and services.

I agree that some brownstone or historic looking townhouse/ rowhomes would be a good addition for the city.

How is the relationship between developers? To me it just seems that they are all working in unison towards a similar goal and using healthy competition. In some places you here about the hostility between developers, which is not something that I have noticed here.

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