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La Centerra: Cinco Ranch


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I see you have a few of these threads up here, I guess it is a nominal thrust in the right direction that these projects include lakes/greenways, though they are still just suburban infill. Houston does pack it's suburbia in tightly, leaving a minimum of space between street rows, but this still has the typical problems. The shopping center is surrounded by parking lots that take up half the entire space - and ring the buildings, so any complimentary developments on Cinco Ranch or Commercial Center blvd's will have a spectacular view of... parking lot. At least tuck away the parking on the inside, via a 2+ level desk if possible, and have these shops face the streets. I say that tongue in cheek as I last lived near NW Houston - it will be the last place on earth to catch on to a few principals such as walkable retail, wide pedestiran sidewalks and human size communities. And getting rid of the endless asphalt. Even if these projects were to try to do this it wouldn't work well with the existing burbs there already. Are you personally involved in these developments?

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