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Franklin, MI

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So I was driving around with my roommate who said he had delivered this pizza to this HUGE home between 13 and 14 off Inkster. He also said the neighborhood just had a ton of cool houses. So we went to look at them, and dang, there was some awesome looking houses in there. Not just big, but tons of different styles.

I was wondering if anyone had any pictures of Franklin houses, AND if anyone of the houses were built by prominant architects. There was a fair amount of new ones, but plenty of older ones. Some interesting modern ones, including one that looked like a space station. Here is it on google maps

There was also a brick house that was being torn down on top of this little hill, but all that was left was one of the side walls where the chimney was. It would have made a cool photo, except for the bulldozer <_<

Anyone have any info about these unique homes?

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