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Murfreesboro's Transit System: Rover

Relient J

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Murfreesboro's transit system will be called "Rover" according to the DNJ. The naming process consisted of citizens submitting proposed names for the service. Apparently the name was thought up by a four-year-old girl. The article says one of the proposed names that didn't make the cut was "Firefly." It's great to know that my wife and I aren't the only Browncoats in Murfreesboro... :shades:

Here a link to the article:


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Well, I don't like the design but I'm just happy that the 'boro is finally getting some sort of transit system. I'll have to agree though that the dog (and I am a dog owner/lover) on the side is a little juvenile. The bus should be a serious mode of transportation for serious adults, this design does not really reflect that.

But whatever, once again I'm glad it's actually happening.

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Rover has been in service one week. The hub is downtown. I'd show pictures but it's nothing to write home about.

i drove by the hub the other day. it's actually pretty cool. although it could use some sort of informational waiting area. the buses do look a little childish.

i must say as a veteran of all sorts of mass-transit that at first glance, i would have never guessed a "rover" as an actual city bus. i bet that discourages some riders. i would bet that 99% of residents of the 'boro have no idea what it is.

sorry, i'm really not trying to bash it. i think it's great and well needed, i just think it lacks some vision.

personally i think there should be an auxillary hub at MTSU. it could be at the same stop as the 96x MTA express in front of the JUB. and it would advertise the fact. in fact, i think that would be the main hub. imagine all M'boro buses, all of those apartment complex vans and an express bus to Nashville all converging in a climate controled hub!

if only the MCStar could make it out that way. just imagine the possibilities!

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