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New Restaurant Behind Orange Peel


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I took some pictures of Lexington Station the other day when we were walking downtown:

Lexington Station 1

Lexington Station 2

Lexington Station 3

Lexington Station 4

The second building seems to be almost done, and the whole area is looking nicer now that the landscaping is going in and the new sidewalk is open. A third construction (parking??) is going in between the two buildings now. So far I like what this is doing for this end of downtown.

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The third building will be as big as the first two combined, and it (like the other two) will include one level of underground parking. I believe (though I'm not 100% sure) that only the 2nd building (the one facing Hilliard) will have retail space.

Thanks for the photos.

While Lexington Station won't exactly win any awards for creative or particularly attractive architecture, I agree that the area looks a lot nicer with the streetscaping and sidewalk. I personally don't care for the diagonal parking on Lexington (wish it were parallel) but oh well. The city really needs to get off their butts and build a sidewalk all along Hilliard. Not just one side either. Downtown-style, 10' sidewalks, on both sides of the street. Then we could say that Hilliard is finally part of downtown.

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