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Downtown Raleigh's Future

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have any of you driven down 40 east, taken the lake wheeler exit, and seen the skyline pop out of the trees on the left? its not a money shot or anything, but i think it would make for a good picture, lots of trees and out of the middle rises this city. The rbc building will fill it nicely. right now you can see one, maybe a second?, convention center cranes on the right. take notice if you ever drive by that way.

also do we ever get any skyline views on tv? i have never seen them show downtown during any canes or state games. i'm not sure if you can see the buidlings from a high point at the RBC center, but i'd put money down that during a football game, a camera on top of vaughn towers can see them. maybe once rbc plaza is done it'll stand out more, cause if you drive down blue ridge to hillsborough, with the vet school on your left, you'll see the tops of hannover and wachovia building on the left, just a small portion of the tops anyway.

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A southeast angle, either SSE or ESE


This will be a wall of towers when construction is complete.


From the second floor of the lobby, and from the higher floors in some nearby apartments, this angle will be gratuitously dense.

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Cool shots MR2, its kind of cool to see that angle now and know the density just around the corner.

As advertised, here are some angles I've taken over the years. Feel free to use my pics and try to add massing/mockups. I'll probably try it on a couple at the end of this week when I get some more time.

In front of the new CC (the top half of this picture might look close to the view from the ballroom)


Dix Hill


Hargett Street (I apologize, couldn't find a wide angle of this in my pics. I was going to stitch a pano, but moved the camera too much)


From South Wilmington


South Saunders (only ssaunders pic that I could find)


West Peace/Broughton angle


From the 64 bypass @ Hodge road


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I really like the broughton/peace view. That should give dt the real look of density especially now that quorum is done and when west at north and some of the other projects are going on. I also remember that there is a neat view of DT from Wake Forest Road i believe heading inbound from near where Falls of the Neuse Split. I think that's the right road, anyways.

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I think the original Saunders money shot still rules even if I see it every day coming into work. Instead of shooting it from the median though move to the east shoulder and the new Reynolds tower should make into the frame while all three F street towers will not bunch up too much. The Broughton shot would be sweeter taken from the roof of teh gas station or funeral home too.

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Newscasts used to use the view from Western Blvd/MLK above South Saunders or the Boylan Street bridge near West Hargett as backdrops for "live from Raleigh, blah blah blah" live shots.

Other than the East Cabarrus shot, all pics are coming from the west side... I will see if I have anything worth posting at home one of these days... Chavis Park offers an impressive view, especially at night. It will improve with Site 1 and RBC Plaza.

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@Eastwestrob: tempting to go for the mirror shot again (Disclaimer: that shot was taken from a stopped vehicle, friends don't let friend drive and snap pictures.)

@urbanvb: Nice pics (I think down Fayetteville Street counts as a skyline angle too )

@carynative: Yeah there is a nice view from Wake Forest Rd, and even better from the Duke Health Center (formerly Raleigh Community) parking deck. That angle is on my todo list along with a couple of places on Capital Blvd.

@ChiefJoJo: I never really considered the glenwood south buildings in the skyline (just assumed they'd be too short to see from anywhere) They will add a lot to the Broughton angle and an aerial from that angle would be really impressive. Furthermore we realize what kind of views are being sold in some of these buildings.

Its interesting to think of all the projects going up around the major sightlines to the core. Bloomsbury is basically the Hargett angle and West at North, Paramount, and 222 Glenwood all share bits of the Broughton angle. Highwoods already has several midrises near Capital and North Hills might potentially have some midrises. (Soleil at Crabtree will also have a view of downtown) As the core grows, taller buildings on the beltline might actually be able to profit from the "view" of downtown Raleigh.

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Today, I took a drive down Fayetteville St. and I realized something, After RBC and all the south end redevelopment it will all be full, There will be no more lots on Fayetteville St. So that leaves us two options, to tear down, or change direction. I think that after about 2010 or so, we should stop developing Fayetteville St. Fayetteville St. has such a wonderful charm to it, just the perfect mix of old and new, and I would really hate for it to turn into sunless-glass skyscraper st. Thats not what it should be. It should be homey, and sunny, and HISTORICAL. I do NOT want to tear down another building on Fayetteville st. (with a few exceptions). So my vote is, after all 2010 or so, develop out, maybe around the progress energy cites, and south, or to the east, but leave fayetteville street intact. I do not want any more BEAUTIFUL buildings torn down for some skyscraper. Some examples of some absolutely stunning buildings that were on fayetteville st. that are no longer there, are:

Security National Bank Building

Commercial National Bank Building

My personal favorite, the cape fear bank building

Some other ones (that I could not find pictures of) are the round steps bank building, and the market house/metropolitan hall.

I don't want Raleigh destroying the rest of its history, It is too valuable, not to mention, BEAUTIFUL.

What do you guys think? Any other historic buildings torn down you can think of?

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