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Texas A&M groundbreaking!


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A joint groundbreaking ceremony for TISD's new Mathematics and Engineering School and TAMU's new Science and Technology Building was today at 10:30 a.m. at University Drive and McKnight Road. Ross Perot will be the honorary guest speaker. I'm so glad this project is gaining momentum and moving forward. This will be a big asset to the community.

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Nice! I can't wait to see the finished campus.

And having Texarkana native and former Presidential hopeful Ross Perot as the speaker is a great touch.

An aside: last week I stopped into a McDonald's in north Bossier for lunch, and I saw a couple in there who looked like they were living in the past (clothes, haircuts, car, etc.) The funny part was, the guy proved me right... he was wearing a "Ross Perot for President" shirt. I almost laughed at the guy. Not for supporting Ross Perot, but for wearing a Ross Perot for President shirt! Think how long that shirt must have been in that guy's closet!! But then there's always the possibility he got it at Goodwill or somewhere, which isn't funny.

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