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Portsmouth Projects

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Westin Hotel, Conference Ctr, Garage

HDC says keep hotel in old style

PORTSMOUTH -- A complex as large as the proposed Westin hotel, conference center and public parking garage must have an exceptional look or blend in with other buildings in the city.That was the argument made Wednesday by the Historic District Commission, which felt reworked designs for the northern tier facility achieved neither option.

"Right here, right now, I feel there's a genuine tension between this and our little 19th century town," David Adams said during a work session with hotel developers.



More Renderings Here

-The HDC has flirted with the idea of rolling back their strict design and height standards for the 'Northern tier' of downtown - the area closest to 95 - by allowing more modern architecture and taller structures, but they have apparently backpedaled as the 60 foot height restriction and 'historic style' regulations are still in effect and enforced there.


HDC approves plan to develop the Martingale

Development goes here


A great new development that will fill in one of the last remaining open parcels on the downtown waterfront. Developers will build 2 adjoining 6-7 story brick structures housing offices, with retail and restaurants on the first floor. Developing here is challenging b/c from street lot slopes down dramatically 30-40 ft. before reaching the water. The Historic Comm. put this one through the wringer, taking months of 'work sessions' to get a structure they unanimously agreed on. Developers will build over 12 existing surface parking spots, the new development will have no surface parking :). Also will feature an indoor public stairway linking Bow St. with a planned Riverwalk 35 feet below.

Portsmouth Riverwalk

Crunch time for Portsmouth Riverwalk


A somewhat controversial plan that calls for a public pier/walkway that would cut from the tugboats on Ceres St. thru the existing alley that now accesses several deck restaurants up to Memorial Bridge. The plan would likely result in the relocation of the tugboats, which have become something of a landmark, and would push existing restaurant decks further out into the water. The city has been pursuing the plan since 1985 but now has the necessary grant money.

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