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OK, you have seen the Plaza, you ready more KCMO?


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WOW!!! This is the best KC thread I've seen! It downloaded painfully slow, even with my cable connection, but it was worth the wait. It's got great historic architecture, among other things. Hopefully I'll get the chance to visit KC some day. It looks like an awesome city!

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KC is way bigger than I thought. About this picture, are all those residential towers built in the same time? Are they built because of particular reasons such as a sport event or for college??

What did you expect KC to look like?

Those buildings were not really built at the same time. Some were built in the 30's, some 50's. They have always been just apartment towers or hotels and were just built for basic demand.

They are in the Plaza district which has dozens of apartment and condo towers along with hotel and office towers. The Plaza area has height restrictions of 10-25 floors (depending on area), but the area is very dense.

Scott, what is the portal?

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