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Info On The Area's Bus Services

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I thought maybe we discussed bus services enough to warrant a topic just to it. I imagine ORT will mainly be discussed but wanted to include Razorback as well. I've got some maps for ORT's routes. I might be missing a few. I've found some on Razorback's but haven't been impressed with the maps. I've been trying to decide on whether to try to make my on using Google Earth. Anyway here's some of ORT's routes.

The first two are for Fayetteville although the second one also covers part of Springdale.



Then there's the one covering just Springdale.


Here's the Rogers route.


The Bentonville route.


The Lowell route including parts of Springdale and Rogers.


Here's the new Centerton/Bentonville route.


Then here's the upcoming Fayetteville-Bentonville Express route.


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