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Salt Lake:20 Acre main street mall redevelopment

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Church To Brief City Council On Downtown Project


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is ready to unveil its redevelopment plans for two largely empty downtown malls in an effort prevent the area adjoining its headquarters from becoming blighted.

David Burton, who oversees the church's facilities, will publicly brief City Council members on the project Tuesday.

The church announced in 2003 it had purchased Crossroads Plaza and had plans for a massive redevelopment project, including both it and the ZCMI Center mall, office buildings, housing and educational sites. Few details have emerged since then.

But most city council members have already seen the plans in closed meetings.

"I like it a lot," councilwoman Nancy Saxton said of the new look. "I like just about everything about it. They really want to be able to present it to the public. I'm going to honor that and give them the ability to make the splash."

It is unknown if the church also will announce new retailers. Macy's and Nordstrom are expected to remain as anchors.

The last time Burton publicly briefed the council, in April, he said the design would include ways to break up downtown blocks with pedestrian corridors. It also included a sky bridge to link the two malls, which would require city council approval. The church also has said the malls would be closed Sunday but restaurants on the blocks would be allowed to seek liquor permits, even though church members are told not to drink alcohol.

Tony Weller, owner of Sam Weller's Zion Bookstore, two blocks south of the mall, doesn't know what the church will announce, but he is glad for any news. He believes the mall project will spur other developments.

"We've been hoping for something to emerge for some time. As the biggest, single parcel at this stage of the city's development, many people are, I suppose, waiting to see what (the church) will do before they make decisions about what they will do. Of course it's good. We wish it could be unveiled and executed overnight," he said.

Previous estimates have put the cost of the renovation project at $1 billion.

more information can be found here.....


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Fountains and man-made streams to represent the historic South Fork of City Creek supplemented by approximately six acres of gardens and open space

Why are they so eager to keep the creek underground? I mean, wouldn't it be better to have actual natural instead fake natural? It seems that it would enhance the character of the whole project.

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Alright, guys, we got some more information on this project.

Alright guys... I watched the downtown work session, and they had Mark Gibbons with Property Reserve Inc there. He went over the heights of the buildings for this project.. this is of October 25th 2006... things could change... but here they are....

1.the tower replacing the inn at temple sqaure will be 315 feet tall 26 floors 122 units

2. the little residential building beside utah woolen mills will be 120 feet and 8 floors with 27 units

3. the next little residential building next to the current gateway west tower will be 120 feet 8 floors and 48 units.

4. The residential building between the eagle gate tower and the zions bank tower will be 124 tall 10 floors and 12 units.

Now, for the proposed towers....

5. the residential tower by the marriot hotel on 100 south will be 400 feet 34 floors up to 200 units

6. the tower on 1st south and state street will be TBD height, but the spokesmen says he beleives it will be greater than the 375 foot height, and will be office and residential.

7. The tower on 1st south and 200 east will be lower than the 375 height.

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That sounds like a ton of proposals. A ton of high and mid rises. Is SLC's downtown growing that much? Certainly there are a ton of cool proposals. What do I gotta do to hear more about it? ;)

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