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Dirt Motorsports moves HQ to Charlotte Area

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Dirt Mortorsports, the largest sanctioning body of dirt track racing in North America and currently located in Oklahoma, is moving its HQ to Concord. 30 million people/year go to their races, and they cite the reason for moving to the area are the huge ties to NASCAR and the infrastructure that supports it.

There announcement is here. I find it funny that our otherwise stealthy governer always finds time to take part in these announcements. I suspect this further cements the Charlotte area as the capital of auto racing in North America.

I wonder when NASCAR is going to bite the bullet and move its HQ to Charlotte?

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I know a golfing buddy of mine that works in their offices in DT Norman. He's gotten another job working for MG down in Ardmore, and he says a lot of others are going to try and stay in the Norman area, even though he is moving to the southern part of the state.

Y'all can have 'em, it's not like they had any races here except that they were interested in making Tulsa's proposed NASCAR track a reality. I guess they're more useful to you all than us.



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