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British supply firm moving U.S. headquarters to Pittsburgh

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mjcatl2    6

I think the Business Times got this one right. It's not a lot of jobs, but this is a relocation from another domestic city which is something that the region should be able to do more often.

full article

Goodfellow will move into Imperial Business Park in North Fayette. Goodfellow, which also has operations in France and Germany, expects to create up to 20 jobs in the region over the next three years.

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globalburgh    0

I see that they are moving headquarters from Philly to Pittsburgh:

"We decided to make the move to Pittsburgh because it will fulfill our need for a highly-skilled workforce. More cost-effective operations combined with a diverse economy where other advanced materials suppliers are flourishing, completed the picture for us," said Richard Dunn, managing director of Goodfellow's U.K.-based holding company.

There must be some incentive to stay instate. I've read that the cost of doing business in PA is much more expensive than many other states. If the economic situation in Pittsburgh is as unique as Dunn says, that would be worth celebrating.

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