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Brian Davis/Memphis Grizzlies


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I hope some of you insiders can keep us informed on Brian Davis intentions for downtown growth and development around the Forum. I anticipate that church land/Chisca hotel will probably get taken with the new law (domain) if they don't act soon. That building is really embarrassing on such prime property. I think they only bought it for a dollar from the city anyway to develop which they have reneged on.

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Wow! $500 million to $1 billion....

Thats alot of development downtown. You think they might want to make something big?

In the news they mentioned condos and mixed use building. This is staggering...

There's a nice big tower sitting at Third and Madison that could use some of that $500m - $1b.

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Yeah, I don't want to believe the hype just yet. I'm watching it closely, with guarded optimism. He's saying all the right things, but he hasn't acted yet (granted he hasn't had the opportunity to act on them b/c the deal isn't done yet).

These next six months or so shouldn't be seen as an opportunity to sit down and relax, but more an opportunity to maybe solidify a bond with the outsider ownership group. A lot has to be done from the city and citizens' part to make this all come to fruition, whether it's merely just appreciating all they are doing (don't be ingrates), or active participation and discussion regarding the direction of downtown and the region in general. How this relationship works out may affect future opportunities with outside investors and potential relocatees. We need to have something on the table to show how we treat people coming here, and how those transplants are able to make a difference here pretty easily (by collaborating with locals) and in a rewarding way.

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While sometimes it is hard to like Michael Heisley, he is right to attempt to terminate the Brian Davis contract. Davis' bid was going downhill fast and in the few local interviews I saw, he and Laettner clearly didn't have their act together. If Heisley can get rid of these guys, the Grizzlies will have avoided a total ownership fiasco. It would be ideal if Hyde and the other local investors could at least get their share up above 51% and then the stakes of negotiating with an outsider would be lowered slightly.

The 12/20 CA reports: http://www.commercialappeal.com/mca/grizzl...5225573,00.html

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