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KUWAIT : Unknown Twin Tower

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I got a question Skoulikimou? How many large construction cranes are in Kuwait City? It's been so long since I was last there, probably 8 or so years.

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seriously i dont know how many exactly is there !!

however in al hamra site there is over 6 cranes and the tower is not over gound level .

you have been to kuwait before that interesting :D

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25th,26th February Towers


The project consists of two unique towers erected to 32 floors & a height reaches 170m each. The two building are joined through a ground panoramic & stunning dome which forms the reception area & main entrance for both the towers, in addition to 2 panoramic sky bridges between the 11th & 22nd floors.

The towers consists office floors for commercial use, they were designed remarkably to meet the requirements of the contemporary companies which need to exist in the vital area of "Sharq", not to mention being in a building that concludes quality finishing & construction beside the advanced technology.

Project features:

Address: Sharq area- Bahbahani roundabout- next to Khalijiya complex.

Height : 170m each

Floors : 32 floors each

Total Floor area: 290m2 (Including services area)

Elevators: 6 for each tower.


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