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Kansas City MSA

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I just read an article in the KC Star and I learned instead of just 15 counties, we actually have 17 in our metro area.

They calculated that those 17 counties in 2000 had a population of 1,901,070.

I calculated that in 2002, those 17 counties had a population of 1,955,777 (weird, same as skyscrapers.com).

That is a gain of 54,707 people in 2 years, so, at the beginning of this year, Kansas City's MSA hit 2,010,484 (if you add 54,707 on to the 2002 population)

Which means our MSA will probably hit 2,150,000 people in 2010

And if we keep growing at 12%, then we will hit 3,000,000 people in 2040 (STL in that year will be at 3,300,000 if they continue growing at 4.5%)

Kansas City Star article:

A growth spurt for KC area

By GREG REEVES The Kansas City Star

Every day Jim and Lisa Teeman drive from Butler, Mo., in Bates County to their jobs on the Country Club Plaza

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