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Very Surprised

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I visited the Norfok-Virginia Beach area over this past weekend from Raleigh, NC and I must admit, the area is very nice. Had a nice mix of industry with Retail and Entertainment. I stayed in the Chesapeake Area for the most part. However I had a chance to visit Downtown Norfolk, McArthur Center (Nice, don't see urban malls very often), and Nauticus. And I also visted the Virginia Beach waterfront area, ate and got souveniers.

I really didn't expect for there to be so many highways and such in the area. Really a nice mix of the northeast urban feel and the more surburban character of the south. Strangely I have always disliked Richmond, VA for these same triats but for some reason it blends nicely in the Hampton Roads area. I'm a bit envious. Sure Raleigh is the fastest growing large city on the east coast and the Triangle is a great place to live but I would love a bit more urban character.

Based on what I saw of the Lynn Haven and Green Briar areas, I noticed that it seemed like the more affluent areas are right along the water and in the Chesapeake and adjoining Virginia Beach area and I right in this assumtion?

At anyrate I will be returning, After Raleigh's only 3 hours away. Kudos :thumbsup:

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I'm glad you liked the area! I live in Virginia Beach. I'd say you're right that the most affluent home are on or near the waterfronts. Be it, the ocean, the bay, or countless rivers; there, your gonna find the high dollar homes. As well as neighborhoods with a private golf course. But, not necessarily in the neighborhood boarding Chesapeake and Virginia Beach. Norfolk and Suffolk have noticable upperclass neighborhoods and most of them, you'll bet are near the water.

Virginia Beach is largely suburban, but growing in its urban character with the Town Center project (did you notice the towers off of 264?) and other developments soon to start around there. The oceanfront is also someway urban as well. And, believe it or not, Va Beach it very rural farmland in it's southern half to the NC boarder, as is Cheaspeake. But, it really urks me when people say that Va. Beach is just a suburb of Norfolk. Va. Bch is it's own city, the largest in the state at that, with its own economy, a strong school system, great police force, a notable history, and now a growing downtown.

Norfolk is the urban center of Hamton Roads as you saw in Downtown Norfolk, which is going through a huge highrise boom currently.

I'm glad you had a good time and next time you visit our respective urban cores will look very different, no doubt.

Take care,


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