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New Area developing in MC

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Nice pics! What types of mass transit are available in this area? Or it it just sprawl?

There is a problem with this area, is located at the suburbs mostly over ravines so the main massive transportation is the bus because the subway system still don't arrives on there, the closest "metro" station is about 10 minutes by car and then you must to take a bus or drive your car, the area is plenty of speedways so is not difficult to access it by car... The municipality is constructing bridges to connect this area better with the rest of the city without the restriction of the ravines and in a future extend the subway system up there.

Let me tell you that this place is developing since 1993 more or less so still is a very new area.

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My that is frightening considering that Mexico City is subject to earthquakes.  :o


Yeah. Hopefully they wouldn't fall into the canyon in a quake! They can engineer the buildings for seismic activity, but there's not much they can do if the land the building is sitting on slides into a canyon.

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