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2,000 Steelworkers go on Strike at Union City Goodyear facility

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One of the largest employers and unionized plants in the State of Tennessee has been idled by a strike. Unable to reach a compromise for a new contract, the United Steelworkers called a strike today, shutting down all of Goodyear's operations across 12 states.

Not good news for West Tennessee, in particular its northwestern corner.

Here are links for more on this economic development:

WPSD -TV - Paducah, KY - www.wpsdtv.com

Website Print Story


Strike Segment - Streaming Video - Windows Media Player



Jackson Sun - Jackson, TN


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-I was reminded due to the current strike by the UAW at GM facilities of how I had never updated this thread in regards to how the situation was reconciled.-

The United Steelworkers and Goodyear came to an agreement at the first of the year that set up two pay and benfit structures, one for old employees and one for new hires that lasts for three years after which they can move into the other structure. The plant has just recently transitioned to a 12-hr continous operation schedule that has led to a large increase in employment at the plant with all the layed off workers from years past recalled and a large influx of new hires. To say the least increase in employment at Goodyear will have a positive effect on the local economy of NWTN. I would guess the plant might be be back near the 3000-3500 range in employment (including management).

It is an understatement to say the entire region was glad to see the strike end and both sides reach an amiable agreement that left the Union City plant in operation.

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