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Charlotte Webcams

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Old Charlotte Observer Site

300 South Tryon

500 East Morehead

WCNC Uptown Camera

WBTV Charlotte Tower Cam:

Mecklenburg County Air Quality cam:

Fountains at New Bern Station

Gateway West Apartments

Charlotte Knights:

Downtown [Weatherbug]

1616 Camden

300 South Tryon



Capital Towers

Langtree at the Lake

Silos at South End

Circle at Piedmont

1225 S Church (Phase 2)

330 W Tremont

Lowes Motor Speedway:


Carowinds [Fury 325]



Charlotte-Douglas International Airport


Lowes Motor Speedway:

University of North Carolina at Charlotte:

UNCC Football Stadium

Downtown from East:

Romare Bearden Park:

Whole Foods


Aloft Ballantyne:

Garrison at Graham:

101 Tremont:

Charlotte Observer/Wachovia Arts Complex:

210 Trade/Epicenter:



Royal Court:

1225 S. Church (apartments):

Ballantyne Everett:

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thanks, i think you covered all of 'em. too bad fox charlotte doesn't provide one.... they sit @ a pretty neat vantage point.

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In the shot from the West, do we know what the heck (if anything) is getting built in the undeveloped wasteland behind the stadium? Is that where the Beazer Development is suppose to be built. It is soooooooo much land with NOTHING on it. I mean Nothing !!! Well maybe some torn down Industrial Bldgs., but that is it.

Here is the shot I am referring to


You could fit quite a lot of development in an area that large.


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What's up with the Observer webcam? It's from December.

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What's up with the Observer webcam? It's from December.

Your complaint was heard...... :thumbsup:

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They need to tilt the camera viewing the Avenue up a bit. Avenue is getting to tall for the camera.

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When I drove by the NASCAR HOF site today, I noticed a Convention Center security camera trained directly at the site, no doubt left over from when it was still a parking lot. Wonder if there's any way to link that to a website like they've done for the other downtown projects so we can keep up with the progress.

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Channel 9 needs to send Debbi out to fix the tower cam... I have never been to that site when it would work

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Actually they changed to a cheaper feed I believe. There is no construction going on so why have a high quality webcam.

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Well now it's working, showing a picture but the "control" feature of it where you can move the camera around is not. If it was, we could get a decent view of the Ritz construction site.

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Click where it used to be it still works. And you can barely see the ritz construction, the view is pretty worthless. The Button sometimes doesn't show up but its magically still there. I use it to watch the park be built.

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Anyone notice the 210Trade cam page? The time lapse isn't bad either.

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wow, that's quite an upgrade for oxblue's site. The time lapse is a cool idea. Watching the Avenue timelapse makes you realize how quickly the actual condo portion of the building went up compared to the base. If TTT holds the same, it won't take long before it makes an impact on the skyline.

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The new upgrade for oxblue upgrade is nice. It works get when zooming in. Checked out the calender which is nice for view pass days.

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    • By uptownliving
      Haven't seen any news articles on this yet but ZipCar will be expanding into Uptown/Southend this summer. The city is providing 6 on-street locations and Zipcar will be providing 6 off-street locations. This is a 2 year pilot after which the city will decide to make it permanent or not.
      Some sample Zipcar locations will be:
      -Romere Bearden Park
      -UNCC/First Ward Park
      -New Bern Station
      Charlotte has been really late to the game in getting a car sharing service but glad it is finally arriving. This will give those of us that live downtown and don't own a car another transportation option for those longer in-city trips where transit takes too long or isn't available.
      I think the city should also partner with Car2Go. I have used this service in DC before and it's a nice alternative to uber/lyft if you don't mind driving yourself...plus you can park wherever you want as long as it its a legal parking spot.

    • By KJHburg
      From now on I will put any new jobs in this category if this is okay with the powers to be. 
    • By CarolinaDaydreamin
      Tonights situation couldn't have been more poorly handled by CMPD and Mayor Roberts. My opinions on her leadership have taken a drastic turn. Sad night for my city. 
    • By dubone
      This area is predominantly an industrial, but it does have a number of minority neighborhoods. They are often forgotten in urbanization and development circles, because they are neighborhoods that have generally been lacking in projects outside of the housing authority.
      I was not familiar with all of these neighborhood names, but they are defined by the city's neighborhood quality of life study here:
      Greenville is the most known and stable of the neighborhoods in this area, as it is both the farthest from industrial uses and among the closest to downtown. Lockwood is a name I wasn't familiar with until researching it, but it is directly northeast of 4th Ward between Tryon and Graham.
      In 1998, the city got federal approval for a Hope VI project called the Park at Oaklawn
      You can read more about the conversion plan here:
      The only Planning Department plan I see for the area only encompassed most of the neighborhoods I have included in this thread, but it specifically focused on the Statesville Avenue corridor.
      The neighborhoods I have listed include large sections of industrial areas, but do include housing areas that have around 10,000 residents. As the area is fragile socially, and is known for its industry, crime and poverty, these areas have generally been bypassed for growth outside of direct public investment in housing. However, we have recently seen Wilmore become a valuable neighborhood and many projects coming to westside neighborhoods, especially Wesley Heights, and Optimist Park and Belmont begin to see regeneration and growth.
      Now, on the fringes of uptown, we are starting to see growth due north into the neighborhoods included in this thread. Technical Noah Lazes' Uptown Village and NC Music Factory is within the traditional boundaries of the Greenville Neighborhood, although the interstate has caused that to be generally considered part of uptown lately. We now know that there is a plan to put townhomes on 12th Street just beyond Brookshire Freeway from uptown in a project called City View Terrace. It will be 58 units starting at $300k. While this is technically beginning to pioneer out into these neighborhoods, it is south of the Seaboard Railroad tracks, so it is still the traditional uptown neighborhoods rather than the other neighborhoods beyond that.
    • By mazman34340
      Glorious news!
      Charlotte is about to start overhauling it's god awful zoning laws. The council will be briefed on the process August 24th.