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Elk in Arkansas

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I think most people know about the reintroduction of elk to the Buffalo River area. This happened in the early 80's and there has been a slowly growing herd. They even introduced hunting as well to help keeping them from getting too large and overpopulating the area. The herd seems to mainly stay around the upper to middle Buffalo River area. It sounds like they stick around a lot of the old homesteads being nice open areas where there's plenty of grass for them. It sounds like there's talks of introducing them to some areas further away from the Buffalo River. I believe one area is south of the River somewhere in the area of Hwy 65. It's possible though that the elk could migrate to that area themselves without any human intervention. There's also been some talk of introducing them to the Ouachitas as well. But so far it's just in the discussion phase. It's not sure whether the Ouachitas would prove to be as suitable of a habitat as the Ozarks have been.

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