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City Council Clashes over Ordinance

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Council Members Clash At Strip Club Meeting

Security Guard Forced To Stand Between Everett, McPhail

POSTED: 1:10 pm EST March 24, 2004

UPDATED: 3:09 pm EST March 24, 2004

The Detroit City Council's vote on tighter restrictions for strip clubs was interrupted by a heated exchange between two council members, Local 4 reported.

Councilwomen Kay Everett and Sharon McPhail exchanged heated words during the public meeting Wednesday morning at the Coleman Young Municipal Building.

The exchange started when Everett appeared to be irritated with McPhail's request to move forward with the voting. Everett reportedly wanted to wait.

Everett: "Just sit there or move down one seat because I ain't ready for this today, OK."

McPhail: "Whatever. Whatever. Just let's go."

Everett: "

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