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FM Radio Stations in the Region

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Here's a listing of FM radio stations in the region:

*I will post for other cities and places soon like Fairbanks, Juneau in Alaska...Hilo/Kona, Maui and Kauai in Hawaii...Guam, American Samoa, Virgin Islands, Northern Marianas, etc. If you've got some for Puerto Rican Cities (e.g. San Juan, Ponce, Mayaguez, etc) if you've got a listing with formats please post them.

FM Radio Stations in Honolulu:


88.1 KHPR Hawaii Public Radio: Classical Music & News (National Public Radio)

89.3 KIPO Hawaii Public Radio: News, Talk, World Music, Jazz National Public Radio + BBC

90.3 KTUH U of H - Jazz, Hawaiian, alternative, rock, rap, world music - Also on 89.7 and 91.3 FM

90.7 K214CY Air 1 Radio - The Positive Alternative (Christian Rock) (LP)

91.1 K216FI Alternative Christian Music The Effect (KEFX FM from Twin Falls Idaho) (LP)

92.3 KSSK Adult Contemporary Music; Perry & Price Morning Show

93.1 KQMQ The Zone Contemporary Hits (Top 40)

93.9 KIKI Hot I-93.9 FM Urban Contemporary Hits (Rhythmic Top 40)

94.7 KUMU Honolulu's Lite Rock Adult Contemporary Music / Lite Rock

95.5 KAIM 95.5 "The Fish" - Contemporary Christian Music

96.3 KRTR Krater 96 FM Adult Contemporary Music

97.5 KHNR Hawaii's FM Talk Sen. Fred Hemmings & Debrah Lauer, Michael Medved, Dennis Praeger, Laura Ingraham

98.5 KDNN Island Rhythm 98.5 (Island Music & Reggae)

99.5 KHUI The Music of Hawaii

100.3 KCCN FM 100: Island Music & Reggae

101.1 KLHI Modern Rock (Licensed to Lahaina, Hawaii; Will relocate to Honolulu in 2007)

101.1 KXRG Energy 101.1 - Hawaii's Dance Station (broadcasts 2pm - 2am daily) (LP) / (Expected to switch frequencies in 2007)

101.9 KUCD Star 101.9: Modern Rock Hits

102.7 KDDB Da Bomb (Urban Contemporary Hits) (Rhythmic Top 40)

104.3 KPHW Power 104.3 Hawaii's Hip Hop and R&B Hits (Rhythmic Top 40/Urban)

104.7 K284AL Simulcasts KKCR FM - Kauai Community Radio (Music, News)

105.1 KINE Contemporary Hawaiian Music

105.9 KPOI The Big Kahuna Classic Rock

107.9 KGMZ Oldies from the 60's & 70's

FM Radio Stations in Anchorage:


KZND-LP 87.7 The End - Note: technically a low-power television station, but broadcasts as radio

KRUA 88.1 The Edge - University of Alaska Anchorage

KAKL 88.5 Positive, Encouraging K-Love - EMF Broadcasting - Christian music

KEUL 88.9 (Girdwood) Glacier City Radio - community radio

KATB 89.3

KNBA 90.3 Koahnic Broadcast Corporation - Public radio/Native American

KSKA 91.1 Alaska Public Telecommunications, Inc. - Public radio

KBBO 92.1 broadcasts to Anchorage but is located in Houston, see #Matanuska-Susitna Valley

KFAT 92.9 Top 40/Rhythmic

KAFC 93.7

KZND 94.7 The End - Note: same signal as 87.7 above, but stronger. Added in 2006.

KRPM 96.3 broadcasts to Anchorage but is located in Houston, see #Matanuska-Susitna Valley

KEAG 97.3 Cool 97.3 - Morris Communications - oldies

KLEF 98.1 classical music

KYMG 98.9 Magic 98.9 - Clear Channel Communications

KBFX 100.5 The Fox - Clear Channel Communications

KGOT 101.3 Top 40

KDBZ 102.1 The Buzz - New Northwest Broadcasters

KMXS 103.1 Mix 103.1 - Morris Communications

KBRJ 104.1 K-BEAR - Morris Communications - country music

KNIK 105.7 The Breeze - smooth jazz

KWHL 106.5 "K-WHALE" - Morris Communications

KASH 107.5 Clear Channel Communications - country music

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FM radio stations on the Big Island of Hawaii

88.1 K201FQ (LP) Religious Hilo

89.3 KLVN Contemporary Christian Music Hilo

90.3 KCIF Religious Hilo

91.1 KANO Classical Music, News (Hawaii Public Radio) Hilo

91.9 K220EO (LP) Religious Programming from Moody Radio Hilo

92.7 KHWI "Mix 92.7 FM" - Adult Contemporary MusicHilo

93.9 KLUA "Da Beat" - Hawaii's Real Hits (simulcast with KPVS) Kona

94.7 KWXX Island Contemporary Hits Hilo

95.9 KPVS "Da Beat" - Hawaii's Real Hits (simulcast with KLUA) Hilo

97.1 KNWB B97 Hawaii's Classic Hits (Classic Rock Music) Hilo

97.9 KKBG "Hawaii's Big Hits" (CHR) Hilo

99.1 KAGB Island Contemporary Hits (simulcast KAPA FM) Kona

100.3 KAPA Island Contemporary Hits Hilo

101.5 KAOY Island Contemporary Hits (simulcast KWXX) Kona

102.5 KCOF (LP) Free Form Non-Profit Radio Capt. Cook, Kona

103.7 KNUQ Island Contemporary Hits Paauilo

105.1 KBGX "Lava 105" - Hawaii's Oldies Keeau

105.5 KRTR Adult Contemporary Hits (simulcast KRTR FM Honolulu) Kona

106.1 KLEO "Hawaii's Big Hits" (Contemporary Hit Music - simulcasting KKBG FM Hilo) Kona

106.1 KLEO (LP) "Hawaii's Big Hits" (Contemporary Hit Music - simulcasting KKBG FM Hilo) Honokaa

106.9 KWYI Adult Contemporary Hits Kawaihae

107.3 KJHI (LP) Contemporary Christian Music; Religious Honokaa

107.7 KKOA "Best Country Around" - Country Music Volcano

FM Radio stations on Maui

88.5 KAKU Under Construction (LP)

89.9 K210CM Alternative Christian Music - (Kihei Maui)

"The Effect" (KEFX FM from Twin Falls Idaho) (LP)

90.7 KKUA Hawaii Public Radio: Classical Music (National Public Radio); simulcasts KHPR 88.1 FM from Oahu.

91.5 KEAO "Mana'o Radio": Eclectic / Free Form (LP).

93.5 KPOA Island Music

94.3 KDLX "Maui's Country" - country music

95.1 KAOI Adult Contemporary & Hawaiian Music

97.3 KLUI Contemporary Christian Music (LP)

98.3 KJMD "Da Jam 98.3 - Hawaii's Real Hits" (Rhythmic CHR, Island, Reggae)

98.9 KIOM Contemporary Christian Music - Located on Molokai (LP)

99.9 KJKS "Kiss FM, Maui's #1 Hit Music Station" Contemporary Hits

101.1 KLHI The Point: Alternative Rock Music

103.7 KNUQ Q 103.7 The Rhythm of the Islands (Jawaiian Music)

104.7 KONI Oldies 60s to 80s

105.5 KPMW "Wild 105: Hawaii's Party Station" - CHR / Rhythmic Top 40

FM Radio stations on Kauai

87.7 K06NC "Coast FM" AC/Island Mix

88.9 KHJC CSN Satellite Radio Network - Religious

90.9 KKCR Kauai Community Radio (Music, News)

91.9 KAQA Kauai Community Radio (Music, News)

92.7 K224CQ Kauai Community Radio (Music, News)

93.5 KQNG "KONG Radio" - Contemporary Hits, Island & Country Music

95.9 KSRF "The Surf 95.9" - Hawaiian & Contemporary Island Music

96.9 KFMN Adult Contemporary Music

98.1 KAWV Silent

98.9 KITH "Island Radio 98.9 " (Contemporary Island Music)

99.9 KTOH "Oldies Radio, HITS 99.9 FM"

103.3 KSHK Classic Rock

FM Radio stations in Fairbanks

* KUAC 89.9 (Fairbanks) - University of Alaska Fairbanks - Public radio

* KSUA 91.5 (Fairbanks) - University of Alaska Fairbanks

* KXLR 95.9 (Fairbanks) - New Northwest Broadcasters - classic rock

* KYSC 96.9 (Fairbanks) - soft rock

* KWLF 98.1 (Fairbanks) - "Wolf98" - New Northwest Broadcasters - top 40

* KAKQ 101.1 (Fairbanks) - "Magic" - Clear Channel Communications - pop music

* KIAK 102.5 (Fairbanks) - Clear Channel Communications - country music

* KUWL 103.9 (Fairbanks/College) - "Kool FM" - New Northwest Broadcasters - oldies

* KKED 104.7 (Fairbanks) - Clear Channel Communications - rock

* KJNP 100.3 (North Pole)

* KUDU 91.9 (Tok)

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AM Radio Stations

590 KSSK AM Adult Contemporary

650 KRTR Asian

690 KORL Ethnic

760 KGU Religious

830 KHVH News/Talk

870 KAIM Country

940 KKNE Ethnic

990 KHBZ Talk

1040 KLHT Religious

1080 KWAI Talk

1130 KRUD New;TBA

1170 KHCM Country

1210 KZOO Japanese Pop

1270 KNDI Ethnic

1370 KUPA Ethnic

1420 KKEA Sports

1460 KHRA Asian

1500 KUMU Talk

1540 KREA Asian

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