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Suburban Ghetto Part Deux

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To the poster who claimed that "any community in Downriver Detroit" qualifies as an urban ghetto, you don't understand the concept of ghetto, or you have never done more than drive down I-75, my friend. I would say despite the Taylortucky moniker, only Ecorse, River Rouge, and maybe Melvindale qualify as ghettoes. A ghetto is a place where like people cluster, though even by its other connotation, a poor, run-down sector, most of Downriver does NOT qualify.

On the subject of Light Rail, which I saw someone mention, evidently, we are VERY close to getting two - one along I-94 from A-Squared to the East side (past the airport and through downtown), and a second along the Woodward corridor. These ought to open up a number of jobs to willing, hard working people who have no other way of getting around (especially with fewer bus routes, short bus hours, two separate and rival bus systems, and LOOOOONG bus waits and rides) find employment.

Anyone who has spent any appreciable amount of time in any community the size of Metro Detroit or larger, knows how crippled we are because of all the whiney auto-nuts who have fought and fought and fought any effort at mass transit. It's going to happen eventually, and as with environmentally friendly, gas-saving cars (getting the pants beat off us by Japan), it will happen with or WITHOUT the cooperation of the Big Three and the sycophantic politocos who have their hands in their pocketbooks!!

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I can't stand the whole "ghetto" connotation, first off how it is mis-used today to describe poorer areas or areas where minorities live, and secondly because it is often a term used by elitist suburbanites to describe any urban residential neighborhood that isn't luxury condominiums.

I like your attitude about Detroit, stay positive and hope that the auto nuts can be squashed finally.

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