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Toronto projects from above

G W North

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I decided to take some pictures from the CN Tower so that I could label major downtown projects under construction. This will be a work-in-progress that I will keep adding to (if there's any interest in it on this and other forums). Eventually, in addition to projects under construction, I'm going to try and label major buildings that have been completed in the last 5-6 years.


red number: project under construction with picture and/or information below

red dot: project but no information

blue number: building/project built in the last 5-6 years with picture and/or information below

blue dot: building/project built in the last 5-6 years but no information

If there is an arrow, it means the building or construction site cannot be seen in view because it is hidden behind another building(s), but the arrow is pointing to the building that it sits behind.

This is FAR from a complete list of major projects under construction downtown, but eventually I want to get as close to every major building under construction or completed in the last 5-6 years as possible.



















1 = Residences of College Park


2 towers - 45 and 39 stories, under construction.

2 = CityPlace


When done will have more than 20 residential skyscrapers. 5 are already completed,

4 are under contruction. Some of the ground-floor commercial in completed buildings includes a

24-hour grocer, a cell phone store, and Subway sandwiches.

3 = 1 King West


51 story condo/hotel tower connected to PATH.

4 = Waterclub


Three residential towers - 37, 37, and 27 stories, under construction.

5 = 18 Yorkville


36 story condo tower in Yorkville currently under construction.

6 = Waterpark City


Huge multi-tower complex condo complex. Currently under contruction is 28 story Atlantis.

7 = Opera Place


Multi-tower condo complex. Currently under construction is 32 story Aria.

8 = Radio City


Two residential towers and townhomes. Radio City I is 25 stories. Radio City II is 30 stories.

9 = Skyline Cosmopolitan


25 story condo under construction.

10 = University Plaza


17 story condo under construction.

Here's a picture I took quite a while ago when it was still just a big pit:


11 = Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts


New 2000 seat performing arts centre under construction that will serve as the home of the Canadian Opera Company. Occupies an entire city block that was being used as a surface parking lot.

12 = Ontario College of Art and Design Sharp Centre for Design



Spectacular new college building under construction.

13 = Art Gallery of Ontario


Massive renovation/expansion of art museum.

14 = Hudson Condominiums


Condo building under construction.

15 = 18 Yonge


39 story condo tower under construction.

16 = Pinncle Centre


4-skyscraper condo complex under construction.

17 = DNA Condos


2 residential towers under construction in King West Village.

18 = 66 Portland


Condo tower under construction.

19 = Victoria Square Residences


Condo tower under construction

20 = Infiniti

Massive multi-tower condo complex. The first tower is already under construction.

21 = Tip Top Lofts



Large old commercial building being converted into loft condominiums. 6 additional floors are being added to the top of the building.

22 = A condo tower built a few years ago. I don't know what it's called, but here's an old picture of it I took. Note the tree on the roof.


23 = The Jefferson. A recently built apartment tower with ground-floor retail in the Entertainment District. Included in the ground-floor commercial is an "International News" newsstand/magazine store, Quiznos subs, Starbucks, a Piano bar/restaurant, a florist, and a dental office.


Here's an old picture from before all the retail went in:


24 = The Icon Phase I. Recently built condo tower with ground floor commercial, including a small grocer, a pizza restaurant, and a dry cleaners.


Here's a picture


25 = The Icon Phase 2. Recently built condo tower with ground floor commercial.


Here's a picture. The building on the right side is Icon Phase 2. The building on the left side is Icon Phase 1. Behind them you can see Hotel St. Germain.


26 = Hotel St. Germain. Recently built hotel with a bar/restaurant on the ground-floor called "Yellow".


27 = Condo tower with ground-floor commercial built a few years ago. I don't know what it's called, but here's a picture of it:


28 = The Morgan. Condo tower built a few years ago in the style of the large old commercial buildings lining Spadina Ave. that date to the early 20th century. Numerous retailers are found in the ground-floor.


29 = District Lofts. Unique-looking condo tower built several years ago. Several retailers line the bottom floor.


30 = Festival Hall. Large entertainment/retail complex built in the late 1990s. Includes cinemas with regular and IMAX screens above a 3-floor Chapters bookstore. Also includes a "Milestones" restaurant/bar. There was a large video arcade/entertainment centre called "Sega Playdium" in the complex, but it closed down after only a couple years.


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Thanks guys. There are quite a few under construction buildings I don't have yet. I will just try to edit the same pictures to get them in. Lots of smaller buildings under 20 stories tall are completely hidden behind other buildings from up there.

I have lots of pictures from the street of major buildings built in the last 5-6 years, so I will try to label them from the aerials, and include my street-level pictures of these buildings in the description.

Eventually maybe I'll even try to include all major proposed buildings as well.

If anyone wants to help out, feel free to take any of these pictures and add labels for more buildings to them.

BTW, I tried to post this in projects section, but I'm not allowed to post there for some reason.

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I'm assuming you mean the Ellipse condominiums in Scarborough.

I found this image at http://www.temspec.com...


That picture is outdated however, as the towers are much closer to completion at this point-- basically the exterior is finished. This is an artistic rendering of what it looks like.


I meant to take a picture of them when I was at the RT station last week, but I was in a rush and forgot my camera. I'll try and get a real pic sometime.

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For those who are looking for more information on Toronto projects, check out this list: http://www.dabrowski.ca:8000/UrbanDB/Lists...s/AllItems.aspx

For a quick summary of what's going on in the Greater Toronto Area:

Under Construction

50 stories and up - 1 building

40-49 stories - 2

30-39 stories - 19

20-29 stories - 16

12-19 stories - 17


50 stories and up - 1

40-49 stories - 0

30-39 stories - 4

20-29 stories - 7

12-19 stories - 10


80-89 stories - 1

70-79 stories - 0

60-69 stories - 1

50-59 stories - 3

40-49 stories - 10

30-39 stories - 14

20-29 stories - 16

12-19 stories - 44


60-69 stories - 1

50-59 stories - 1

40-49 stories - 7

30-39 stories - 28

20-29 stories - 62

12-29 stories - 93

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