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Feds pay $5.5 million for waterfront

Wendell FOX

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Ottawa pays $5.5-million for waterfront project

By Jennifer Lewington

Thursday, March 25, 2004 - Page A13

The federal government, $10-million in arrears to the Toronto Waterfront Revitalization Corp., came through yesterday with a down payment of $5.5-million.

The funds mean the waterfront agency, set up by the city, the province and the federal government in 2001, will avoid shutting down by March 31, the end of its fiscal year.

However, Ottawa and the city are still negotiating the terms of a new overall funding agreement for previously agreed projects, including the proposed Front Street extension.


site of TO waterfront Revitalization Corp: http://www.towaterfront.ca/

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This is stupid. I'm tired of the governments lack of action on their wonderful waterfront plan. First, they commit all this money. Then, they never give it, or give little of it. Then they get their main Toronto MP Dennis Mills to override all the carefully laid out plans and make up his own. And they don't fund the agencies they have set up. Its stupid. Definitely not voting liberal in the election.

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