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Glenwood Walkers

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Does anyone know why there is always a group of people walking down Glenwood Avenue (Glenwood South) on Friday mornings wearing backpacks? It is the strangest thing. They walk from at least Wade Ave to Tucker St. Where are they going?

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I don't know who those backpackers are, but it sounds interesting. Why on a Friday morning, I'm not sure... if they did it on the weekends, I'd like to join in.... I've walked from east of Moore Square to Five Points, so

Wade to Tucker is nothing...

On a somewhat related note, does anyone know if there are any organized bike rides thorugh downtown Raleigh? I was in the mountains over the weekend and saw Ashville does something like this to promote bicycles as transportation the last friday of every month (Critical Mass). I used to see groups of two or three here and there when my bike had two good tires, and an occasional group on First Fridays, but not in the last year or so.

EDIT: I should have searched better on Google. Here is the website for Critical Mass Raleigh and a Yahoo Group.

They seem to be more "activist" than "fun" but it is better than nothing.

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