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Random Pics around HONOLULU

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Wow nice set of pics. Now I see the resemblance between Hawaii's highways and PR's. BTW how is everything in Hawaii, I mean the earthquake how the state is doing and how bad are the damages over there. I hope everything is ok. I've been watching the news so Im gettin' up to date about the quake but is not the same to hear things from the news than from someone who is actually there.

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Hi Jayker, for the most part everyone has made it through the earthquake without any serious injuries or deaths. Honolulu mainly had poweroutages while the Big Island southeast of Honolulu suffered the most damage but its not as urban so damage was not as bad as it would be if the earthquake was centered off of Honolulu.

Here are a couple of other pics of the city before power was fully restored



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Urbanguy is good to know that everything is ok. Here in PR we are "expecting" a big quake soon. Historically every 80 to 100 years there's a big quake in the area and the last one was in 1918 which destroyed mainly Mayaguez and western PR. Even a Tsunami occurred in Aguadilla. We hope God will not led that happen. About the other two pics, they are great. It's impressive to see half the city with power and the other half in the dark. Knowing that there's no significant damage is great news.

Freeways in Hawaii are identical to freeway 26 and 66 over here in PR,they look the same.

Man I can't believe I never took a picture when I live in Hawaii,I could see about half the Honolulu Metro Area from my house.

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^Wow long time no see. haha I agree the city looks good even without power, it also looks like such a large city from some of those angles, especially because the skyline goes east-west along the coast so it looks very long.

Jaykar, i hope that the big one doesnt hit PR especially because there are so many people and islands in the vicinity that would be affected.

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