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Lansing Construction October 15, 2006

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This is actually more of a small photo tour than anything else, but it's the first one I've done in months. I didn't capture a lot of what's going on, and this was more a bike ride than anything. I rode my bike up Michigan Avenue from downtown, to MSU, and then back along the River Trail.

The Firm, formerly the Parthenon greek restuarant, is a new, upscale restaurant and bar that will include a dance floor. They've been working hard on this one for weeks now, and it will open by months end. Here's a story done on it recently The Firm - Lansing State Journal Story



Michigan Restaurant Association Headquarters


Reutter Park


The completed and sold out first phase of Printer's Row in downtown Lansing's Cherry neighborhood.




Printer's Row Phase II


The John A. Kerr House/Mansion built in 1860 is being renovated for office space for Printer's Row.


These are the "garden" condominiums of Phase II. These are really changing the feel of this neighborhood.




The CBD from Cherry Hill



Sparrow Hospital West Wing expansion - just one more floor to go, it looks like.


Random shot of Ressurection School further up Michigan, which is in the urban Ressurection Church complex along Michigan Avenue.


Campus Village II under construction right at the border of Lansing and East Lansing (but in East Lansing).


Sorry for the quality, the new University Village at MSU on Kalamazoo Avenue.




Coming back on the River Trail along the Red Cedar River, which fills incredibly natural despite being right in middle of it all.



One of the many bogs/lagoons on this part of the river. This is the lowest land in Lansing, and really shows how a lot of the area looked before it was developed.




Cedar Street Viaduct


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Thanks Lmich.

I am thrilled to see so much construction in Lansing!

Tell me more about the River Trail. Is it improved all the way to the Grand River? Is it wheelchair accesible?

I took a Nature Study course at MSU, and hiked many of the natural areas around Lansing. Your riparian pictures make me homesick.

Now, if Lansing could get a light rail system going, it would move near the top of my list of places I would like to "settle down" in.

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What do you mean by "improved all the way to the Grand River?" It lines the Grand River, as well as all of the Red Cedar through Lansing. It is handicapp accessible at most points with a glaring example being at the Michigan Avenue Bridge downtown. What more do you want to know?

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I think the portion along the river downtown is not utilized very well. Not to mention that the boards in many places are old and extremely weathered, especially the areas under Oakland and South of Michigan Ave.

Does the city care for the river trail? Is there an NPO or any group that cares for it?

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Yes, it's part of the Parks Departments. There are sections of it that really need to be redone, but a lot of it is great, and a lot of money has been sunk in to extending it, and scaping certain portions of it. For instance, the part through Moores Park with the lighting and the interaction with the river (bridges, docks...) is great, as is the part at the confluence of the Grand and Red Cedar Rivers. More can be done, but considering the tough times that Lansing is in, I'm surprised how committed citizens are to the parks. Usually, they are some of the first things to go when times get tough.

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Pardon my ignorance.

I have not lived in Lansing for over twenty years,

I had no idea the riverwalk was that extensive. You only mention the Red Cedar in your post, I was trying to get a handle on the extent of the project. Nothing had been done when I lived there.

My wife is in a wheelchair, and nature walks are very limited for her. We don't like surprises like boardwalks ending in quicksand.

That's all. Never mind. Sorry to get you irritated ...

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Irritated? No, not at all. I was simply confused by your question. Sorry if I came off as irritated. I really like telling other's about my city.

To give you a better picture of the River Trail (I'll try and find the map), it stretches from Dietrich Park just north of Old Town along the Grand River. It then follows the Grand River all the way through Central Lansing where it branches off at the confluence of the Red and Grand Cedar Rivers. If you continue to take it east it follows the Red Cedar River all the way to Michigan State University ending at Harrison at the Breslin Center where it simply becomes part of MSU's trail system. This part of it (along the Red Cedar) is very scenic and goes through a VERY natural area with all kinds of wildlife. You'll forget you're in the city apart from the rail bridges that cross through the area.

At the confluence of the Red Cedar and Grand, if you take the trail west to continue to follow the Grand it takes you by REO Town and the Eckert Power Station and GM plant(s) and ends abruptly in Moores Park, which has had a riverfront makeover. It's doubtful they can expand it westward from Moores Park as this is where mansions begin to line the river, and those residents just wouldn't allow a river trail behind their homes. This is what happened in north Lansing when there was talk of extending the trail north of Dietrich Park. Those in the Tecumseh River Park neighborhoods railed against any expansion northward saying it would bring crime and "undesirables" to their neighborhood despite there being almost no crime whatsoever along the river trail. They may be able to have it cross the river and travel along the northern shore of the Grand, though, but that would cost a lot of extra money.

Then, there is a short trail starting along the river at Frances Park that extends a short ways along the river, but it's technically not part of the River Trail system.

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Thanks Lmich

Internet communication has its limitations.

I appreciate your knowledge and your opinions on this board as well as on Detyes.

I followed the sun to California after graduating from Michigan State, and have lived there and in the South ever since. Sites like Detroityes! and this forum have helped me realize how much I really would like to go home.

It was this forum that resparked my interest in Lansing-East Lansing, so when there are dry spells in postings it is disappointing. Yeah, I know you young dudes have lives ...

Anyway, you bring back memories. Moores Park and the view of the Oldsmobile plant! One of the most interesting urban juxtapositions I've ever seen. Lansing has so many amazing natural areas in the city, and nearby, other cities can't compete. And what would Phoenix Or Las Vegas do for Lansing's river system?

Keep up the passion for your hometown, L., there is no other side of the rainbow .

Cold is OK, snow (preferably after Thanksgiving) is fine, but I don't know if I'm ready for so many gray days. Perhaps I'll have to harden up for a few years first in Indianapolis or Cincinnati. (uh, no)

Anyway, keep posting the pics, guys.

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