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Downtown Greensboro Developments

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Roy Carroll's mixed use residential hotel project across from the ballpark will be called Bellemeade Village, a name used for another project proposed by another developer that fell through. Carroll says the project will be very upscale and he will release more details in the rhino times tomorrow. The planning board recommended closing a section of Lindsay St for his project.



update....the project will include 300 upscale apartments and a 6 story hotel. Its a pretty big project taking up almost two city blocks. Demolition has already begun and construction could begin this fall. The 3,000 seat Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts will be constructed a block and a half east of the project. Essentially this project is being built between the ballpark and the performing arts center.


"Carroll, of The Carroll Cos., and Tuggle Duggins attorney Mike Fox presented site plans and renderings to the planning board. Plans show four apartment buildings — two fronting Eugene Street, one fronting Bellmeade Street, and another for property straddling Lindsay Street — built over garage-level parking structures with 245 spaces, as well as additional street-level parking. Some of the apartment buildings could also include ground-level retail.

The hotel would be located on the corner of Eugene and Bellmeade streets (across the street from the plaza entrance to the ballpark). The apartment development would end at the Acropolis restaurant"
"Carroll said the apartments would be “upscale” — including finishes that would be found in a $300,000 home and “an amenity package that will have a lot of ‘wow’ to it.” That would include an outdoor fitness center and a rooftop swimming pool that overlooks NewBridge Bank Park.
The 300-apartment project is just about a block away from the high-end Greenway apartments at the corner of Eugene and Smith streets. The $6 million, 70-unit luxury apartment Greenway at Stadium Park project, which is co-developed by Bellemeade Development and Lomax Construction, is under construction now. Those apartments are the second phase of the $10 million, 196-unit Greenway at Fisher Park apartments at 404 W. Smith St. that went up in 2012."
When you combine all three downtown apartment developments, thats almost 600 apartments surrounding the ballpark! So we are looking at well over 1,000 residents living around the stadium, mostly young professionals.
I would assume that the buildings In Carroll's project facing Eugene St across the street from the ballpark will have the street level retail.





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YinXyang here. Big Update: The westin site is fully underway. The Carroll SOB lot activity. 400 bellemeade Hampton inn seeing a lot of activity again. Soil testing has beg

Raleigh artist presents plans for sculpture along downtown Greensboro Greenway  https://www.greensboro.com/blogs/gotriad_extra/raleigh-artist-presents-plans-for-sculpture-on-greensboros-downtown-

Pretty cool projects planned for Downtown. VISION 2030 - presented by the City of Greensboro and Downtown Greensboro Inc. - A large public market at the depot - forget trolleys which we

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I wonder how tall the apartment buildings will be. The article says the buildings will sit above parking garages and there will be 300 apartments in 4 buildings. There are that many in 8 buildings at CityView apartments.

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All apartment buildings will be 6 stories and the 6 story hotel will be a Hyatt Place. There will be two rooftop pools on the apartments and a rooftop clubhouse overlooking the ballpark. The hotel will have a second floor roof pool.


 Proposed Hyatt Place Hotel



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Roy Carroll's Bellemeade Village meant to resemble a New York City block. It would be cool to see a midrise wall of apartments and hotel in the foreground and Greensboro's skyline in the background from the ballpark. Then there will be the Greenway at Stadium Park Apartments overlooking left field. Its going to be a very urban setting around that ballpark. Other cities are so impressed with Roy Carroll's project, they want him to do something similar in their downtowns.




Also in other downtown related news, the new music venue which will host House of Blues acts could be called "Cone Mill's House of Blues" according to the Rhino Times.

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Good lord, that's quite a development he's got planned. I'd love to see the site plan of it, though. But really, what's already shown is lightyears ahead of what's on the site currently/was on the site with the exception of the Dixie Building (RIP). I really don't think you can understate how much all these projects will affect downtown. This will be a major boon to businesses in the area and hopefully spur more devlopment on neighboring properties.

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Normally I'm all for high-rise projects but at this location Roy Carroll got it right with a mid-rise development. If these had been high-rise structures, the view of Greensboro's skyline from the ballpark would have been blocked. The project is bigger than I expected. I also didn't think he was going to bring that many apartments on line at one time, particularly with leasing rates between $1,200 and $1,300 a month. I'm sure some apartments there will go north of that. Typically a downtown apartment development that large is built in phases. Without a doubt it will be the most expensive apartments in the center city. At CityView and the Greenway, $1,200 per month are the most expensive apartments. Bellemeade Village will be starting at $1,200 per month so the demographics will be slightly different. Less college students and more young professionals.  With these kind of urban developments popping up downtown, I hope the city starts getting serious about a streetscape plan covering all of downtown. There needs to be more tree lined medians/sidewalks and decorative street and traffic lights.

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Here is a bigger rendering showing the Hyatt Place Hotel at the top and some of the apartment buildings along Eugene St across from the ballpark at the bottom. The project will take a year and a half to build and will be completely constructed by the time the performing arts center opens a block and a half away.






Zalo I dont know how other cities knew. Maybe he shared those plans with other communities to promote his company. But thats what the article stated.

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I like the look of the buildings. One thing I'm curious about is how are other cities so impressed with this project that they want Carroll to do similar projects in their cities, when in fact no one even in GSO had even seen any type of rendering on what the project looked like before the planning board meeting. As citiboi noted in an earlier post just two weeks ago "I hope his company will share his renderings with the public. Years ago it was common practice to show renderings on signs right on the construction sites. You just don't see that anymore around here."

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"Zalo I dont know how other cities knew. Maybe he shared those plans with other communities to promote his company. But thats what the article stated."

Yeah, I read it. It just seems nonsensical that this being, as Carroll stated, his first DT mixed use project that he would be peddling these renderings to other communities to whet their appetites to clamor for him to develop in their cities. When no one in the actual city where he intends his first project laid eyes on it until Planning Brd. review. It appears typical for most developers to complete or at least start a project prior to soliciting interest from other locales. I'm wondering if he may be utilizing his newspaper in a marketing function to engender support for his project. It would appear unnecessary as it looks like a great project. And that one block of street he wants closed would not cause any kind of appreciable disruption to traffic flow. Seems like a no brainer.

To add further credence to my position, here's citiboi's take just recently which prompted my inquiry.

Posted 12 July 2014 - 01:59 AM

Im supportive of this but my question is how is the city going to approve this blindly without any plans, blueprints, ect being presented to them? structures on a number of properties have been demolished to make way for it but no plans have publicly been released. Maybe those plans and renderings will finally be released once city council takes on the street closure issue. I guess traffic that normally goes from North Elm to Eugene St on Lindsay St would take Bellemeade instead. That part of Lindsay St has a low volume of traffic so it would have minimal impact. After all a portion of Lindsay St directly west of the planned development was closed to make way for the ballpark


So you have other cities "salivating" over Roy Carroll's development plans yet no one in GSO knew anything about them prior to Planning  Board  meeting. :shok:

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And don't forget the Cascade Saloon has been handed over to Preservation Greensboro Inc., which is great news and will get the ball rolling on renovating it.


Additionally, another (probable) renovation is taking place at the corner of Lewis and S Elm.  http://www.bizjournals.com/triad/blog/2014/08/nancy-hoffmann-planning-a-second-downtown.html

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Another development project coming to downtown Greensboro. The development will be located next to the southwest leg of the downtown greenway loop in an area of downtown thats seen very little redevelopment and activity. It seems that the greenway is attracting development all throughout downtown. This will be added to a long list of downtown projects in the works in which many have been sparked by the planned performing arts center.



The company behind Iron Hen Café, called Fresh. Local. Good. food group, is redeveloping the property into a multiplex featuring three restaurants, offices and event space.
The restaurants include Four Flocks and Larder, a full-service restaurant focusing on poultry dishes. There will also be a grass-fed burger restaurant called Revolution Burger. The Baker and The Bean will be a coffee shop and bakery. The facility will also house a speakeasy lounge serving specialty drinks and alcohol-infused desserts."
More details on the project



List of other planned downtown projects


~ 5 apartment projects

       (9 -story Southestern Building renovation, CityView expansion, The Greenway at Stadium Park, The Grove student apartments and the 6 to 7 story Bellemeade Village. There will be over 1,000 apartment units alone directly surrounding the ballpark.)


- 3 to 4 hotel projects

         (6-story Hyatt Place, 12-story Wyndham Hotel, Hampton Inn & Suites and Union Square hotel project)


- several breweries and several restaurants


- 3,000 seat Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts with adjoining urban park

         (The nearly $70 million venue will be one of the largest and most state-of-the-art PACs in the southeast. The adjoining LeBauer City Park will be built in conjunction with the performing arts center.)


- House of Blues music venue

         (design will be inspired by the House of Blues New Orleans and Greensboro based Cone Denim Mills will sponsor a lounge, to be called the Indigo Cone Denim Lounge. The whole venue could be called "Cone Mills House of Blues")


- downtown indoor/outdoor carousel


- 1 office project


- a number of renovation projects on Elm St

- mixed-use university campus (Union Square)

            with nursing school/research, apartments, hotel, retail/restaurants. The campus will be the first phase of a planned downtown University District.


- continued greenway construction


If you add up all the big and little individual downtown projects, there are at least 30 in the works.

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Final Ceremony for the War Memorial Auditorium at the Greensboro Coliseum. It will be torn down  The downtown performing arts center is scheduled to open in spring of 2017.





Also Here are more renderings of Roy Carroll's planned apartment/hotel project called Bellemeade Village to be built across the street from the downtown ballpark. The first floor will have parking and retail





Its being described as a "New York City Block"  with 500 new downtown residents. This is a very MASSIVE mid-rise project. The span of it is unbelievable. I see why they have to close part of Lindsay Street for it.  The buildings have 6 floors but it looks like its 7 stories tall. There will be 300 apartment units with and average leasing rate between $1,200-$1,400 per month. It will be the most high end apartments in downtown Greensboro and will even have a pet spa. The interior quality of the apartments will be what you would expect of a $300,000 home. From what I understand the apartment portion of the project will be gated.  it will take 18-24 months to build. You can see how close the development is to the ballpark with the scoreboard across the street. Of course there is a separate apartment development going up   (Greenway at Stadium Park) across the street overlooking left field.




Hyatt Place Hotel in the center front







This separate retail/office development is going up around the corner near Deep Roots Grocery Store and Greenway at Fisher Park Apartments. Major changes are coming to the north end of downtown Greensboro





BTW a website has been started for the other apartment project next to the stadium so we should be seeing renderings of that soon. The framework is already going up.




Here is another office building going up just east of the planned Bellemeade Village



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Cityboi, judging by how tall the building is compared to the Car on street level, i'd say it's near the height of the South Eastern Building on ELM, looks to be 8 stories tall, while some portions seem to be 8,1/2 stories tall, either way, that is a ridiculously massive project, Downtown will all feel alot bigger when all this is said and done, it will completely transform the area.  infact iv'e never seen such a massive Residential project this big in the triad. keep in mind it stretches 1/5 mile. 

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I worked at just how tall this monstrosity actually is.
Basing it on other buildings and apartments in the area. 
Now take that, and stretch it 1/5 mile into this behemoth.
Going to absolutely dominate that part of downtown. the sheer size of this thing is crazy.
new york city block is absolutely right.
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Richard Center Pointe is a condo complex. A totally different animal from apartments which are much more in demand than condos. Downtown condos aren't doing well in any NC city, not just Greensboro


 I drove by the area today and took photos of the Greenway at Stadium Park apartments going up which will be 4-stories along with the Bellemeade Village site which has been cleared.

I agree GSOcitizen. The size of this project is amazing and it shows Greensboro is moving to the next level of downtown development. This is a Charlotte or Raleigh type development. Its considered a mid-rise project but its certainly near the border of being a high-rise project.








Greenway at Fisher Park Apartments are in the background




Bellemeade Village site




Lindsay St in the foreground will be closed








major projects in the north end of downtown



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I'm afraid you've missed my point altogether. Your rabid enthusiasm is clear and easily understandable regarding this project, as it runs in overdrive about anything Greensboro-centric. Fact of the matter is, unless Mr. Carroll is sitting on a pot of gold, or is seeking incentives from the city and/or county (which I hereby predict, if he hasn't asked already), this type of project requires hefty financing. Banks require proof that he can cover the risk before they will finance. And banks have been purging loan officers and trimming mortgage departments, not increasing them. There are not enough jobs being created in central Greensboro to satisfy the demand for such a project of this size, nor do I see enough suburbanites from other areas of Guilford County to fill up this building. It's called supply and demand, and banks are not risky these days.

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