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CATS service to NorthLake Mall


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Hello everyone...

We'll be in Charlotte again for the Monday Night Football game vs. the Bucs (Nov 10-15).

Couple of questions... we'd like to go to the NorthLake Mall on Sunday - obviously none of the Express buses up there run on Sundays but the #7 (Beatties Ford Rd) runs there on Sunday.

First question is about that route.... is it a safe route? We'd be coming from Uptown. I know the bus station is a bit dodgy sometimes but wondering about Beatties Ford. I'm not familiar with that area of Charlotte, do we go through any rough spots? The route goes down Trade and ends up on Beatties Ford, you take Beatties Ford to (past the North Meck Health Dept) on to Trinity/Fieldbank/Lakeview Road en route to NorthLake.

Second question - if we just forget the bus and take a taxi, what do you figure the estimated cost would be?

(We also only need to take a taxi one way because we'd have a ride back uptown).

Thanks for your help in advance - GO PANTHERS :)

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The taxi would be faster, but would run you about $25. That bus route is fine. While the areas you will go through arn't the best...they arn't the worst either. You should be safe on the bus.

If you havn't been to SouthPark Mall, then I would recomend going there instead. Better selection of stores than Northlake. Cab fare to SouthPark would be about $15...or there is also a bus route there that takes you through some of the nicest parts of town.

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