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Successful Airlines


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Guest donaltopablo

The big thing that hurts the major airlines over the little ones is their cost structure. Is SO much higher than can't afford to offer the same kind of services at the same price. This will be there downfall in most cases.

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I think in terms of sales and enplanements, it's actually the 6th, due to the short-haul, lack of business class, and absence of international flights. Pretty impressive for such low prices! Southwest being ahead of the former 6th, US Airways, but still behind AA, UA, Delta, NW, Continental.

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I haven't heard that Hooters Air is making any money. I wouldn't call an airline successful because they have survived 1 year.

Southwest is doing the best so far, but I think they have to face up to the fact that they need to go into the larger cities rather than secondary airports. I think they have realized their mistake and is trying to correct that in Philadelphia. Southwest made a mistake in not going into NYC and Boston. Now both of these markets are JetBlue territories. People will only make the pilgrimmage to a secondary airport if the savings are significant. And with low fare carriers in big city airports, Southwest 's business model is in jeopardy.

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Southwest's stock symbol is LUV


I like their show on A&E "Airline"

The whole attitude of Southwest is much like Wal-Mart or Microsoft in their industries . . . it is all about being a NEW kind of airline.

As far as success WATCH out for Virgin Atlantic and JetBlue they have had Southwest success in almost a quarter of the time! (Southwest was founded in the 1970s both JetBlue and Virgin are barely 5-6 years old).

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