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Haunted Atlanta?

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Andrea, where are you?...

Since this place is so ripe with history, I was wondering if there is any truth to these haunted places I've found listed on the internet? I am not going to post directions, seek at your own risk...

More stuff on this site, Georgia, Haunted Places Index

Devil's Turnaround Cemetery Marietta

Another well-known spooky spot in metro Atlanta, supposedly some of the spirits in the oddly shaped graveyard become violent when approached by those with crosses or Bibles. The tombstones in the heavily wooded "turnaround" area date back to the Civil War era.

Large objects will be thrown if set on the ground. Orbs, lightning, mist, cold winds, shrieking, kids laughing, chanting, yelling and screaming. This is an all-around bad place to go. People have come back and had large bruises and fang marks on legs, upper arms, wrists and necks. Crucifixes, prayer, holy water only make whatever is there mad.

The Shakespeare Tavern Midtown

During a production of Henry IV Part I in 1993, the actor playing Falstaff suddenly came from the men's dressing room, very shaken. He had seen a very young boy dressed in a velvet suit much like children wore in the 1800's beside his dressing table. Others have seen passing images and odd lights over the years. Sometimes when the theater is pretty much deserted, voices will be heard, as if a group is meeting together. There is a room in the top level of the building that sensitive people will not enter, because it is clammy and the energy feels terrible in there. An old man has been spotted on a couple of occasions. A female energy once warned of a fire, and sometimes upsets things in the women's dressing room. Occasionally a shadowy figure can be seen on the catwalk above the stage.

The Fox Theatre Midtown

People have reportedly seen ghost sightings at Atlanta's famed multi-purpose theatre in Midtown, including the face of a Confederate Private soldier.

Anthony's Restaurant Buckhead

This popular Buckhead institution is reportedly haunted by a woman named Annie Barnett Bean, who died in childbirth at the house.

Old mansion, now high-class restaurant. Dishware flying across the restaurant has been reported. Large orbs can be seen on film. People that "were never there" play tricks on the surrounding grounds. Voices heard when you're alone. The feelings of cold sensations when you pass through doorways, and hand on your back are strong.

Oakland Cemetery Intown

Oakland Cemetery is said to be haunted by the spirits of Civil War soldiers that are buried there. The "tomb of the unknown" is where most hauntings are witnessed.

This cemetery is the resting place for 3,000 to 4,500 confederate soldiers that died during Sherman's Invasion of Atlanta. In one section of the cemetery is a statue of a large wounded lion in honor of The Unknown Confederate Soldier. People hear a disembodied voice giving "The Roll Call of Dead", somberly calling out the names of the long dead soldiers.

The Masquerade Intown

The Goth dance club that's being sold to residential developers has a long and supposedly creepy history. Some say a vampire actually lives on the premises. It was a former mill, where numerous tragic accidents and deaths took place, and over the years, the building has been plagued by fires and other calamities.

A nightclub, which is rumored to be frequented by true vampires. It is said that a vampire actually lives on the premises. The building was once a textile mill where several young girls died in accidents and others developed tuberculosis because of the dangerous working conditions. Shrieks, footsteps and other noises are frequently heard during non-business hours on the back stairs where cold spots are often felt. The building has been the site of a number of freak accidents including fires and structural collapses.

Hi-Fi Buys Amphitheater Intown

Years ago a rock singer was killed on stage by a gunshot that come from the stadium. His spirit stills walks thru the seating area. Some have said that you can feel his hand on your neck.

Metropolitan Ave. Intown

There's a bridge right over Metropolitan Ave by University St. It's said that a young lady in a white dress stands under the bridge looking for a ride home. When one picks the woman up and takes her home, she gets out the car and says Thanks for the ride. Then she vanishes in thin air. Most people that pick this young lady up usually goes to the door of the young women house to make sure she made it in or where she went to. But when the door opens, it is the woman's mother and she tells the people that every year someone comes to the house to drop off her daughter. The girl is her daughter who had been killed in a horrible car accident 10 years ago under a bridge on Metropolitan St. formerly known as Stewart Avenue.

The Georgia Retardation Center Dunwoody

Located behind a Dunwoody office park, this former hospital has become quite a local attraction for ghost hunters. It's not open to the public, and a security guard patrols the area, so go at your own risk. Highlights include a sighting of a boy on the third floor.

One will walk into rooms with no windows and feel a cool breeze. There is a morgue in the basement where one can see ghosts lying in the morgue trays. Footsteps are heard walking down the third-floor steps. This is an all-time best place to go to be frightened.

In the back of the park is a gated off area, once inside go down the road and in the building on the right. There is a huge abandoned building that was a home for the mentally challenged. There are various areas with temperature changes, an extremely strange aura to the place and pictures reveal orbs. There are cold spots on the first and second floors, footsteps have been heard, doors open and close, and there are banging sounds on the walls. The most haunted is the third floor: many believe a little boy haunts it.

Six Flags over Georgia Cobb

There have been many interesting sightings around this popular metro Atlanta amusement park. The gas station at the park's entrance is said to be haunted by a young girl, and the Crystal Pistol Music Hall is said to be haunted by a performer who was killed in a car accident before he had the chance to take stage.

Amoco Gas Station in Parking Lot - The Amoco gas station in the parking lot at Six Flags over Georgia is haunted. Apparently a little girl about 9 years old with blond hair was hit and killed by a car in the early 70's. Today guests report seeing a little 9 year old girl come running up to them crying "Mommy, Mommy, Please help me find my Mommy!". The guests usually think this is a typical lost child. The guests agree to take the girl to someone to find her mommy and proceed with her. They get no more than 10 yards when they notice the little girl has completely disappeared and is nowhere in sight. Some people have actually gotten a photo of the little girl.

The Crystal Pistol Music Hall - According to legend, in 1967, when Six Flags over Georgia first opened, an actor named "Joe" was to star in the opening number for the first show performed here. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Joe was killed in an automobile accident on his way to work. Apparently, Joe is still waiting to perform that number. Several sightings have occurred in the Crystal Pistol of a man who stands at the edge of the balcony and watches performances. Orbs have been found in photographs taken inside the music hall. After closing, many employees have heard a man singing backstage. Employees have also found props missing from the stage and later find the props next to the railroad tracks, which run beside the theater.

The Witch's Graveyard Mableton

An 1800s graveyard where a supposed witch is buried. Some phenomenon like knocking coming from underground and sounds like banshees crying, drums playing from nowhere. Fog around the cemetery and no fog anywhere else, a 15-degree temperature drop from being outside and then stepping inside the gates. Supposedly a practicing witch was killed and buried in a small private graveyard off of Concord Rd. Many people have reported numerous sounds. Voices, walking sounds, and several goose bump-inducing winds pass through this area. Visit at your own risk. This area is now heavily patrolled by Cobb County Police.

Old Covered Bridge Mabelton

Late at night if you go and stand in the bridge little children's voices can be heard playing. It is to believe if you take your car and park it and turn off everything, and place chocolate on your roof you can hear children climbing on your car and afterwards have chocolate handprints on the roof and hood of car. Children were killed underneath the bridge and you can hear them screaming and moaning.

Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park (Cheatham Hill) Cobb

Reported to be haunted by Confederate soldiers. The park has set hours and is heavily patrolled by security, so exploring at night is not recommended and at your own risk.

Disembodied voices can be heard, such as marching orders being called and the sounds of marching feet. Photographs have also turned up fog and mysterious forms where none were present when the photographs were taken. People have also heard and felt strange things around the Illinois Monument at this location.

Kennesaw State University (Campus Green) Cobb

Long ago, this used to be the farm of the Frey family. The campus green is built right on top of the old family's pet cemetery. In the late 1800s, the farmer put his rabid blue tick hound out of its misery by shooting the dog. People say on the anniversary of the dog's death, it can be seen chasing cats around campus with his head still split from the shotgun.

Stone Mountain Park

Several rooms of the Antebellum Plantation at Stone Mountain Park are said to be haunted. While in the area, stop at the cemetery located at the end of Main Street, for what ghost hunters claim is an area with frequent paranormal experiences and sightings.

old cemetery at the end of Main Street - A very old cemetery dating back before the civil war, Orbs seen by the naked eye floating around and if you take a picture, you will be guaranteed to see an orb. You will have to go at night though. There are marble platforms to stand on between the graves and it feels like a hand is pushing you off and people never seem to keep their balance. You can hear footsteps and leaves and branches being crushed around you when there is nobody there. Even in the summer, numerous cold spots have been reported by many people (including me) and sometimes it feels like a cold hand is touching or poking you. This is a very haunted place. Everyone who goes there at night usually experiences something paranormal.

Old U.S. 78 East - Beginning where the Cherokee trail intersects old U.S. 78 East (near the main railroad station) my wife and youngest son nearly always hear footsteps not matching their gait. I've never heard it, but my dog has. He looks back every 10 feet or so when we walk the short length of roadway. The sensation seems to only happen to the person lagging behind.

Roswell Mill

During the day, even if it is sunny outside and in the middle of summer, when one drives up to the mill, the temperature drops and it gets dark the closer one comes to the main building. At night one can hear screams and cries from the women workers who were sexually assaulted and killed by soldiers. A gray haze covers the area at night.

Holliday-Dorsey-Fife House Museum Fayetteville

This house turned historical museum supposedly has a resident ghost. It also has ties to Doc Holliday and Margaret Mitchell.

Bradshaw Bridge Woodstock

Back in the 1700s, a young man hung himself from a bridge, which is now part of red 5, the front 9 of the golf course, Bradshaw Farms, legend has it that one can see this young man every night.

The Old Mill Dacula

Cars passing by the abandoned mill see a light in the top story of the building with the reflection of a man in the window. The Mill is right off of a creek that has a bridge going over it, and if one stops on the bridge one can see the appearance of a green glow coming from the woods behind the mill.

Hell Church Canton

There is a long, narrow road going back into the woods, which is difficult to get down. One then comes upon a church, out in the middle of nowhere, and there is a small, white room. Located directly across the road is a cemetery with graves dating back to the 18th century (although there have also been accounts of graves freshly dug). The story goes that in the '80s a boy was found mutilated here. Most say it was a cult killing, but the church was shut down and the newspaper clipping of this horrible event still exists. The church has been re-opened, but there are still accounts of hearing faint piano music coming from inside the church late at night.

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^ Nice list. Quick question, is the former hospital in Dunwoody the same way that used to be used as an actual haunted house? I used to know a lot of people who would go up there. I was told that the building was about ten stories high and that you paid your money and that for every floor you made it up, you got a dollar back. Has anyone else heard of that?

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