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Time Warner/News 14

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Is it just me or has Time Warner reprogrammed all of our DVRs/set top boxes to automatically tune to News 14 when you turn the set on? What gives?

Our cat hit the power on the surge protector on our cable box yesterday evening and when I turned it back on I noticed that it reverted to the default channel of 14. I don't know if it happens every time you turn it on as I didn't turn it off and back on last night after that happened but I don't think it ever went to channel 14 automatically. If this is the case then I expect a LOT of folks to be complaining to TWC.

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I hadn't noticed that either, although it is a very good, and free, method for them to advertise that channel. They're smart if they're doing that intentionally. I bet it is just the setting in the menu that states where the tv turns on to. I remember having to set it to turn to the channel I was last on when I first got mine. I'm sure that option is still there, they probably just do that for people who don't know the wiser.

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Are you saying that when you turn your DVR on for the first time in the day that it resests to 14? I never turn my DVR off, just the TV and the sound system. TW told me is wasn't necessary (kinda like how some people never turn their computers off, just sleep them overnight).

It's not surprising if indeed TW is in cahoots with CH14. I mean the bottom right hand button on my remote is a news 14 button.

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