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Toronto to get two 1,000+ footers


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:o On top of the Trump Intl. Tower & Hotel, its official that the Downtown Plaza Hotel, lead by Harry Stinson (Another current project, 1 King West), will "trump" the Trump Hotel, becomming the largest building in the city, and the country.


Anyways, here is the article...

From todays Toronto star - http://www.thestar.com


Thin, trim and growing

One King reaches new heights

Developer has plans to trump Trump



One stunning idea leads to the next for Harry Stinson.

His latest flash is to turn his proposed 54-storey Downtown Plaza tower into an 80-storey building instead, making it the country's tallest building.

Construction on the existing condominium hotel design was to start this spring at the corner of Temperance and Sheppard Sts.

But two weeks ago, New York developer Donald Trump announced renewed plans for a 68-storey Trump condominium hotel, half a block away at the southeast corner of Bay and Adelaide Sts. With higher ceilings and a rooftop needle point, its height is to exceed that of the country's tallest existing skyscraper, the nearby 72-storey First Canadian Place.

"Inspired by Mr. Trump's determination to proceed with his tower, we've decided to up the ante and see if we can trump Mr. Trump," Stinson says with boyish candour.

"Eighty storeys," he can't resist adding. "Architecture that is far superior to what they are proposing. Visually, it will be an interesting contrast."

Managing to stop himself, he says: "We'll have an announcement in a couple of weeks."

Stinson is a tall, slender man with an enthusiasm for tall, slender buildings. He stands six feet and during one stressful period a few years ago confessed to weighing 120 pounds.

He looks healthier now. He sets a quick pace when climbing 13 flights of stairs earlier this week to give an update on his other major work-in-progress, the rapidly rising condominium hotel at One King St. W.

Consisting of lower and upper levels, it includes the city's skinniest tall building

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