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[Huntington] Building finally comes to KineticPark

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About time! This high-tech park is really what is needed for Huntington, which needs to diversify into a more high-tech and global region. Too bad Amazon.com pulled its new HQ out of Huntington years ago when the .com bust occured :(

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My note: This is far from a 'technology-based' park! A relocation of two businesses that have nothing to do with high-tech is creating a black mark :(

KineticPark utility problems will cost almost $29,000

Notes --

1. The Huntington Municipal Development Authority will spend ~$29,000 at KineticPark to move a water line and replace part of the electrical infrastructure.

1a. A main water line needs to be moved because it was installed underneath one of the lots. HMDA did not know about this until the water company told a developer that it was there. Furthermore, there was no record of any easement for the water line and is not on any survey maps for the technology park. The movement will cost $22,339.

1b. Underground vaults that store electrical connections for the underground lines on the 92-acre site are too small and could pose a safety hazard to those who do maintenance on them. 10 to 12 vaults need to be repaired, and it will cost $6,552 to repair half of them. The remaining will be repaired as more businesses relocate to the park.

2. A 10,000 sq. ft. building is now being constructed on the upper lot that will house Huntington Dermatology Inc. and the accounting firm Sullivan Webb.

Article information: "KineticPark utility problems will cost almost $29,000, By Bryan Chambers, The Herald-Dispatch, "

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