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New Construction in Myrtle Beach


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I thought with all that is being built in Myrtle Beach/North Myrtle Beach at the moment i would post some of these projects. It is a very popular tourist destination and i find it very interesting at how fast, and how much it is growing. Here goes. Keep in mind that this probably isnt half of what is being built in Myrtle beach


Currently Under Construction or Preconstruction

1. Paradise Resort -(Topped Out) 20F -198ft

2. Barcelona Tower - 14F - 155ft

3. Grand Dunes - 10F - 125ft

4. Grand Palms at kingston shores - 24F

5. Grand Atlantic - 20F (Topped Out)



6. Bay View Resort Phase 1 - 18F

7. The Island - 14F



8. Dunes Village Phase 1 - 14f

9. Dunes Village Phase 2 - 14f

10. Pan American Palmetto Tower - 13f

11. Holliday Sands Resort - 12F



12. Anderson Ocean Club



13. North Beach Plantation


14. Aloha Towers


15. Oceania Blue Resort



16. Sea Mist Resort- Preconstruction


17. Towers on the Grove - Preconstruction


18. Aqua Bay Resort - Preconstruction


19. Ocean's One Resort- Preconstruction and has enough pre-sales to start

-Pre-sales for Myrtle Beach's Oceans One Resort have been brisk even in the face of predicted market slowing. In fact, only 5 of the 136 units in Phase One are still available for purchase. Construction is set to begin October 2006 after the current vacation season.


20. Prince Resort at Cherry Grove - Under Construction(topped out)


21. Avista Ocean Resort - Preconstruction Phase - 15F


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Its kind of a surprise to most people that have not been there in a while. I like to visit at least every year in order to see whats happening. Ill try to edit my thread cause i know there is a lot of other ones that i couldnt find pictures for but are being built. A lot of these do seem to be condos for residential. I saw some of these condos were going to be in the low 100's but most were between 200,000 - 500,000. Some people buy these as investment properties, and for a vacation home. Wish i had that kind of money.

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I have bought into a two bedroom at Oceans One. Expect construction to be completed in late 2007 or early 2008. Looking to use it as a second home in the off season while picking up a little rental income during the summer months.

Would like to hear from others who have bought new construction in the past year or so and what your experiences have been. Anything that I should be on the lookout for as I go through the process of second home ownership?

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There is one that i could not find but i saw when i was down at the beach. It was a very big tower visible from many miles away. It is in construction but i didnt see what the project was when we were driving by. It was near cherry grove

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