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Was this past Congress a Do Nothing Congress?


Was this past Congress a Do Nothing Congress?  

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  1. 1. Was this past Congress a Do Nothing Congress?

    • Yes - They haven't accomplished anything for the common citizen
    • No - They have made America safer, the rest doesn't matter
    • I don't know
  2. 2. If you answered Yes, which party is more at fault

    • Republican
    • Democrat

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You're right Michaelskis, they do need to start voting on what will be good for this country.

Unfortunately they didn't pass much at all, and what they did pass wasn't good for this country.

Congress' approval rating is 17%. You can guess which party has the lower approval rating. And you can guess which one Americans want to have a majority by about a 15 point margin. 1994, here we come!

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This congress is really good about pork spending which is bankrupting the country. Also CNN has done an excellent article on how the GOP has pretty much destroyed the operations of Congress so that the only bills that get debated on the floor are very polarizing issues like abortion, Gay marriage, and flag burning, and no real work gets done anymore. Tom Delay, Bill Frist, and the cronies are responsible for this.

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Can anyone name the last piece of relavent of legislature that passed that in theory was designed to help the country as a whole?

I would argue that the No Child Left Behind Law, "in theory" was supposed to further develop our educational system. Its sucess/lack of, would be a whole different topic, however, has there been something since then?

Correct me if I am forgetting something, but I haven't seen anything fruitful come out of Washington DC in a while.

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The Senate certainly falls under the category of "Do Nothing", but with leaders like Frist and Reid, I hardly consider it surprising--which is why I welcome the probable assent of the more aggressive Mitch McConnell to Frist's position.

The House is a different story. The agressive leadership of both Nancy Pelosi and Tom DeLay (while he was in office) combined with the relatively nonpartisan Speaker Hastert has created a legislature that actually tries to get things done.

But overall, you could consider it a "Do-Nothing" Congress.

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Take a look at the issues going on in the US from the flood of illegals to New Orleans and the Iraq war. All three branches of our federal government is republican controlled. That means there is nothing to stop the rebublicans from getting want they want done. Have they done anything? Nope! Nadda! Sans doing anything! Oh wait they have done things such as.....

1. Got us into a pointless war.

2. Make the rest of the world hate us as much as we hated the Nazis

3. Watch New Orleans suffer the fate of Atlantis

4. Said "Duh" in response to a flood of illegals

5. Put up a chain link fence as a half hearted attempt to stop said illegals (Uh... tin snips? Wire cutters? Hack saws? They all cut metal. Ya Know?)

6. Did some nooky nooky with page boys.

7. Until recently kissed the feet of a block head president with the I.Q. of a deck chair.

8. Set fire to the Constitution and the BIll of Rights in the name of security. (Patriot Act)

9. Allow block head President to listen to our phone calls and read our emails

10. Watch Fox News acuse anyone that has ideas and opinions other than the neo-con mantality as being liberal and therefore stupid.

11. Borrow loads of money from China to fund stupid war.

12. Sat on fat lazy Gilded Age buttockes and watched US jobs continue to migrate to China.

13. "Stay the Course"

14. Blame it all on Demacrats

15. Bicker

16. Bicker

17. ....oh yeah! Bicker some more.

Our Congress and the Federal Government has done a lot for this country......that is a bag full of counter productive Bull ****! Gosh! It makes me proud to be an American! :thumbsup:

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