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SkyHouse Charlotte, Publix and 10Tryon Tower in 4th Ward


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Well, I'd say they have a pretty good idea of what they want to build already, just signing a few contracts before they announce.

That kind of land price would justify 250 condos and 250k sq. ft. of office with some retail, assuming there is a mix as speculation indicates. Of course, they could go for more to try and maximize the land.

I think reponsible development would be 400,000 sq. ft. of offices facing Tryon

and 180 condos along Church.

To take the speculation 1 step further, I see the uses in two towers, over a combined above/below ground deck. The condo tower being 17 stories and the office tower 24 stories.

Whatever Urban Planet is paying you, it's not enough. I don't know where you come up with all of this knowledge. It's like you have a time machine and you've been to Charlotte in the year 2025 already.

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Atlrvr gets a fax from his future self every morning.

I don't think this project is that far past the happening of North Tryon. It is definitely the fringe, but if something worthwhile were built there that drew more people, the foot traffic and cross-pollenation would happen very readily.

Also, based on the acreage listed by Dougie, this project does not span the whole block. That is, the Days Inn site is not part of this. It will only be the parcel covering about 2/3 of a block.

Technically, the Hal Marshall site is available. I actually would prefer the county sell that site one block at a time. That way, we can hopefully limit Levine from absorbing it into his massive inertia-zone.

Lastly, whatever First Colony builds, I hope it has solid density. If we can't grow height and extreme density on North Tryon, then where can we.

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Sadly, it seems no one knows, or no one that knows is leaking it. It seems pretty clear that the plans for the 52 (a typo for 25) story building with some sort of odd ownership structure, as reported in the CBJ, is not happening. What is, in fact, happening, does seem to be known.

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A surface lot is better than what was there before, frankly. But I agree, that is a prime piece of real estate that likely won't just sit there empty for long. I hope something impressive goes there, as it would mean huge changes all the way up N. Tryon. The Days Inn was formerly the border between "nice" uptown and "shady" uptown, so this would seem to move the border at least a few blocks up the street.

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The Days Inn is still up and operating. It appears to be living on. It is the cheap project behind it that is gone. Your point still stands, though, that the nice part of North Tryon will move up and include the Days Inn.

I am actually very glad the Day's Inn is not part of the project. I'm growing tired of projects taking up a full block, leaving no room for future 'pencil towers' or small footprint projects when land prices rise. This way, a condo project or other type of project can grow up on the Day's Inn land, while a separate project takes up the rest of the block.

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