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New Nashville Housing


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Here is the latest rundown on new Nashville housing, starting with the biggest.


1) Viridian



This project is the first major downtown condo in Nashville, with an urban grocery store in the base. It should revolutionize Nashville's housing market. Its going to be 31 stories tall, and is slated to have both affordable condos in the $100k range all the way up to million dollar penthouses.

2) West End Loft II



This project started in August 2003, and is set to finish this summer.

In front of the lofts lies a series of townhouses... Here is a photo taken a while back of the almost completed townhouses:


3) Bristol on Broadway


Pic of construction site:




This seems to be a nice idea, but I wonder how much it costs. No prices are listed anywhere that I can tell.

4) Lofts @ Werthan Mills


5) The Bristol on Woodland



From the same company doing the Bristol on Broadway.

If there is one thing I like about all these, its that it isn't a master planned new urbanist community. Its pretty much integrated perfectly with the city. Now it only needs to be done 5x at this rate. We need about 5 new condo towers downtown, and a couple hundred townhouses and lofts elsewhere. :D

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