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Hartford Business Improvement District Passes!


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I may have deciphered what grock is talking about.

There is a good article in the Courant about the property owners in downtown voting to approve a "Business Improvement District" (hence the BID).

Courant Article about Business Improvement District

I think its a great sign in the overall feeling that property owners have about their downtown properties, since along with this approval will come a 1 Mil increase in property taxes. Definitely putting their money where their mouths are. These types of BIDs have proved to work in other areas around the country and I'm sure it will work in Hartford. I'm sure this will improve what is already a relatively clean and safe downtown area.

Tycoon...would you mind changing the name of this topic accordingly?

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If you read the article (And more importantly, the graph/table accompanying-not sure if it is available online) it profiles the vote. Doesn't seem like they differentiated between building owners and parking lot owners (as that would be fundamentally unfair, even though parking lot owners suck).


Properties in district:251

Property Owners: 113

Total Property Value: 805 million

1 mill tax would raise: 805,000 annually

Average cost to 5 biggest owners: 70,880

Average annual cost to 50 smallest owners-232


Daily sidewalk, street cleaning

patrols by public-safety guides

van offering auto-lockout help, jump starts, tire changes

Seasonal streaetscape beautification

Daily inspection of streets for broken sidewalks, vandalism, graffiti

Graffiti removal within 24 hours

Marketing business district as shopping destination

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And here is yet another example that shows quite clearly that taxes are not the enemy and that politicians pushing tax cuts blindly with no regard are doing so just to get votes and not for the greater good of the state. Smart Taxing HELPS cities and here is a perfect example.
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The government usually does a poor job in any area of endevour outside of the military. A private compay would do this better. However, the government has the mechanism in place to collect this fee. And there is a provision to eliminate this fee if the specifics of the contract are not met.

Taxes are almost universally misused. If they were all set up like this one, it would be great. But for the most part, taxes are abused by politicans. The shorter the lease the government is put on, the better for the people.

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Agreed. I think the biggest task is to replace the bus shelters on Main and Central Row which are covered in graffitti and try to prevent future "tagging." Maybe it is better to have no bus shelter at all if there is no way to prevent it.
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