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Dave and Busters Fun Center......


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I think all of the cities mentioned could support one, BUT:

I don't think Dave and Buster's is really in rapid expansion mode right now, however... For example, the entertainment mecca and 3rd fastest growing metro in the country, Orlando, currently has no D&B's, and there are no plans/rumours to build any... So, solely based on that observation, I don't think any of these cities will get one for quite a while... If they're not expanding in Orlando, there's a slim chance that cities 1/4 the size or less will see one...

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Columbus could easily support a Dave and Busters. We already have a entertainment venue like Dave and Busters called Hollywood Connection. It is owned by Carmike Cinemas (3rd largest movie theater company) which is based in Columbus. Carmike also owns another Hollywood Connection in Salt Lake City. Awhile back I heard rumors that Dave and Busters was looking at expanding in Columbus....we will just have to wait and see!

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