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"The Youngstown of New England"

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Youngstown, Ohio is going through difficult times. So this week a Youngstown TV station was in Manchester focusing on what they call the 'Manchester Model'. According to the station, Manchester used to be the "Youngstown of New England," and that city can follow Manchester's lead as a roadmap to follow towards prosperity. Here's the links...

Manchester, NH Part 1

History of Manchester - overview of difficult times in Manch

Manchester, NH Part 2

Overview of Manchester's strong economy

Manchester, NH Part 3

Focuses on Manchester's growing airport

Manchester, NH Part 4

Focuses on the success of Manchester Civic Ctr.

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Thats right!!! Envy our city. Mwuahahaha. Seriously though this is awesome. Now we know that people out side of New Hampshire have heard of

1. New Hampshire and

2. Manchester.

And this place is getting pretty packed.

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