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It always amazes me how nothing ever stays the same in Ann Arbor for over a year. I could never really understand why, but here's a quick post someone made on arbor update about what's coming and what's leaving this year. It appears Main Street is completely rented for now which is kind of cool.

"The 200 block of North Main is fully rented for the first time in recent memory with Peartree and Edible Arrangements opening. Khana Khazana Indian Restaurant has inexplicably become Chennai Vilas Indian Restaurant.

In the 200 block of South Main, Voila is having sales and will be closing soon. Another random Andy Gulvezan bar reimaging converts the Full Moon to the Monkey Bar, a Mexican restaurant.

The 300 block of South Main looks a bit empty with Ritters closing for the season, Jules closing for good after a brief move to Ashley, Sunglass Hut closed, and Improv Inferno and Pepperz leaving after a dispute with their landlord. Subway will be moving soon

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Ann Arbor is notorious for the seeming ephermality of the business (retail/restaurant) environment. For the 5 years I lived in AA, many, many stores and restaurants would come and go from S. University, State St., and Main Street. Those were the most volatile areas (becuase they demanded the highest rents), and you could see stuff pass very quickly.

But the long established places do tend to persist, probably due to a good business ethic/model and sheer interia.

Though, the first couple years of a business are generally tenuous anyhow, so failure rates tend to be quite high.

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Another additon is a Rio Wraps where GNC used to be on William. The sign just went up a few days ago.

21 Flavors is now gone in Nickels aracade, and their prime spot (near parking deck entrance) is up for rent. Two buck shake became 2.50 which pissed everyone off. They had it coming.

I noticed there were some switches in "top floor" businesses. The 2nd and 3rd floor commercial spaces seem to switch around the most.

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