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Trader Joe's to open tomorrow


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Trader Joe's will open its new location in East Liberty tomorrow. I'm pretty excited, although I won't be going right away because I expect crowds for a while.

From what I have heard, this store offers a lot of unique and interesting foods, for reasonable prices. It should be a great addition to the local supermarket scene.

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I will be there first thing! It's one of the things I miss most about California. I just hope they were able to get quality people to deliver the customer service they are known for. Customer service is fairly atrocious in most places in Pittsburgh. I will miss their wine selection. Someday the civilized fairy will come and get rid of our communist liquor control system.

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I might check it out this weekend... though the weather forecast is pretty atrocious... so I dont know if it will be worth the trip.

From the article:

"And the huge wall mural painting featuring Pittsburgh's nighttime skyline is "exactly the view from my condo apartment," says Patrick Brandon, the store's 36-year-old "commander," who hails from Los Angeles but declares he plans to stay here for good."

I love how the Post-Gazette always includes these little pro-Pittsburgh snippets into their articles lol.

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